Tile industry trademark imitation phenomenon cluster, pros and cons, not good development

[] the ceramic tile industry to the development of the current stage, the brand on the market out of order at the same time, there are also some enterprises in order to use the trademark to imitate others, now on the market chaos will occur, already much of the problem of homogenization, the ceramic tile industry pace more difficulties, behind the development of the pros and cons are not good industry.
Since it is a copycat trademark will inevitably exist this approximation, it is not difficult to see that in the process of trademark registration in the trademark intangible increase the risk of success, in the essence of trademark review process, the judges according to the individual’s cognitive may think that imitation trademarks and trademarks of the prophet in the approximation, such trademark will be rejected. Even if the judges think not constitute approximation, but will mimic the trademark shall be published, but in imitation of trademark notice period, the original first well-known trademark owners think enough into the approximation, so in the objection period there is objection imitate brand risk.
Trademark imitation has lost the creativity of tile enterprises. As we all know, for a nation, creativity is the most important, creative ability, progress, creativity, leading. For enterprises is also true, imitate someone else’s creation is only a short-term convenience, pick up the mode of development, will never make you strong. The most important reason why we vigorously advocate intellectual property protection today is to protect our creativity and create sustainable development. Apart from the “made in China” model, China will create a new way of development. The ceramic tile enterprise has lost the creativity, has lost the development impetus, has lost the advance blood.
Difficult to master. Imitate trademarks, even if the early enrichment, and ultimately can not get rid of “ cottage ” reputation, which in the process of enterprise development, tile brand is very unfavorable. Because itself is a parody of others prior to the well-known trademark, to establish their own brand is easier said than done, this would be like you always stand beside this one all the people who are better than you. If so, what will enterprises rely on to win more consumer groups and build their own brands?
Imitation of a trademark can easily lead to a chain reaction. If the first well-known trademark has a very good reputation, in the case of short-term imitation fish in troubled waters, can enjoy some well-known trademark with “ &rdquo, once the consumer convenience; source of products and services to distinguish, this convenience will also follow disappear. But once the reputation of the well-known brand has been damaged, it can be a devastating blow to companies that imitate trademarks. In this &ldquo, he is proud that you are not proud, and that he will harm you, and that &rdquo must be destroyed, and that the enterprise will eventually pay for the conduct of others.
So, tile to enterprise development in the long term, should be based on their own innovation, independent innovation brand, it is the crystallization of the wisdom of the enterprise, can represent the history of the development of enterprises, enterprise performance management concept, to facilitate enterprises to establish their own brands of ceramic tile.

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