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Daylighting tile also calls transparent tile, its use is very extensive, basically be used at daylighting, it has ageing resistance and impact, transparent daylighting, appearance is beautiful, cost performance is higher. Then, we will introduce the lighting tile thickness analysis and lighting tile installation method.

Daylighting tile thickness analysis

1, the service life of light tile does not lie in how many layers, but the key is the top layer, so the multilayer board does not have the advantage of service life.

2, multilayer board has the characteristics of insulation, support and so on, so in the choice of multi-storey panels to see whether to increase costs

3, if the choice of multilayer plate, you can consider thickening, because the thickness can increase the service life.

4, generally in the space is smaller, height is short or screen wood, this situation will choose multilayer board

Installation method of daylight tile

1, in the fixed lighting tile to pilot hole, the size of the hole should have screw diameter of 6-9mm.

2, daylighting tile uses aluminium shape gusset plate to fix, after fixing, can hit glue sealed. The position of the lighting board is generally arranged in the midspan.

3, when the light tile and steel plate overlap, the latest 200mm overlap, and attached to the two hose.

4, lighting tile and tapping screw connection, there should be a cover plate, but also in the installation of lighting watt hour, consider the performance of daylighting tile.

5, when fixing the lighting tile, between the screw and the plate must be somewhere, so you can better waterproof and dustproof, the flashing washer set into the screw, drill into the lock to complete work purlin, fixed lighting board.

6, lighting tile construction, prohibit the foot on the crest, avoid lighting tile to crack, lateral position in the lighting tile, placing a 1300mmx200mm (width x) skid plank, foot of guide hole plate and screws to work on it.

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Daylight tile thickness

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