There is no shortcut, paint enterprises must innovate channels to find opportunities

[coating industry] profits era has gradually gone away, and in 2014 the overall trend of the coating industry is not very optimistic. Under the extrusion of internal and external environment, the coating enterprise can be called “survival in the crevice”. Homogenization of products, price wars and other market chaos seriously hindered the development of the industry, in this case, the paint companies only innovation breakthrough. So, in 2015, coating enterprises should do how to take the road of innovation?
Most of the design of coating products are similar and lack of creativity
Believe to paint market people will find a phenomenon, paint product design on the market are mostly similar, lack of creativity, and more for imitation, which is &ldquo ” ism; the consequences, in the industry development process, the drawbacks gradually highlight, has seriously affected the healthy development of the industry.
Product innovation is the driving force for the development of coatings enterprises
Coating products are seriously homogenized, and the coatings produced by enterprises are almost the same, with little difference in level. The root cause of this problem lies in the lack of core technology and independent innovation. In the paint consumer groups continue to young at the moment, personalized demand will continue to grow. The original design of coatings is becoming more and more popular. In this market background, coatings enterprises should pay attention to the innovation of product design and R & D, and the reform of production technology.
Innovation is the basic behavior of an enterprise, and its forms of expression are varied, involving all aspects of enterprise activities. According to its different occasions, it can be divided into product innovation, technological innovation, market innovation and management innovation. Paint products in order to gain an advantage in the market competition, we must enhance innovation, with its own characteristics of products, only in this way, it is easier to seize the minds of consumers, to win the praise of the outside world.
Paint companies need innovative channels to find opportunities
In the current popularization of the Internet, the sales channels of coatings enterprises are becoming more and more diversified, and the traditional marketing methods are no longer suitable for the current development of enterprises. But there are a lot of business thinking is still stuck in the past, they believe that only through continuous promotion and price war will be able to enhance the company’s sales, however, promotion and price war can boost sales of enterprises, but the effect is only a short period of time, if things go on like this is not feasible.
Paint enterprises to develop, only by constantly innovating channels, in order to find new opportunities for development. The ways of enterprise channel innovation are different, through the channel length innovation, zero layer access, one channel, two channel, three channel, and so on. Can also be through the channel width of innovation, exclusive distribution, select distribution, or intensive distribution?. In short, the enterprise’s channel innovation must follow the market trend to decide, otherwise it will be futile.
In short, paint enterprises want to grow and develop, innovation is the only way, there is no shortcut to go. With the increasingly fierce competition in the paint market, and they do not work hard to upgrade, other companies are very willing to go beyond you.

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