The United States 20 states governor called Trump support wind power photovoltaic industry

Recently, from the Democratic Party and the Republican government officials, to the newly elected US President Trump called for support for wind power and photovoltaic industry.

This open letter is written by the governor of the governor of the wind and photovoltaic league, representing 20 state governments, including Democrats and Republican Party officials, the two representatives of the two states are Rhode Island and Kansas.

The letter states that the 20 states have hundreds of wind power and photovoltaic power plants that have made a significant contribution to the local economy and have thousands of practitioners.
Wind power and photovoltaic are currently important sources of electricity.
According to the latest national PV employment census report shows that more than 200,000 people in the photovoltaic industry, and added 31000 jobs.
As a result, 20 states plan to expand renewable energy to meet the growing demand for energy.
Today ‘s wind power and photovoltaic, to consumers with endless power and environmental benefits, no fuel costs, no impact on national security.
With the support of the government and Congress, the benefits of renewable energy are endless.
Therefore, the Trump government’s support for renewable energy is conducive to the country to make full use of renewable energy, to meet national needs and promote economic development.

open letter cited the hope Trump government support several key initiatives:

strengthen modernization of the grid and transmission and distribution development

approved a comprehensive long-term offshore wind power development bill

increased funding for wind power and photovoltaic development

to simplify and improve wind power
And the approval of the PV project process

This open letter on the Trump energy policy impact how much, is not known, there may be no impact.
But in the past few weeks, the Trump government has some initiatives that are not conducive to renewable energy and climate policy, including the signing of administrative orders to restart Keystone
XL and Dakota pipeline project.
In any case, a number of open letters have been sent to the White House, the indisputable fact is sufficient to prove the economic benefits and social benefits of renewable energy, which have begun to effectively affect Trump unrealistically hinder the development of renewable energy
The idea.

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