The trend of wood-based panels is stable

Recently, the site reporter in Xintang Yue Shun Decoration Materials City learned that most of the plywood market quotation and a month before the quotation compared to no big fluctuations, each quotation fluctuated between 1-2 yuan. Crown brand plywood in maintaining high offer, offer a range of rise, rose 1 yuan each, the 9mm 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, each piece of plywood price reached 78 yuan, 98 yuan, 118 yuan, 138 yuan, other brands of plywood offer a month ago to maintain the level. “Run forest” 12 per cent at 66 yuan, 18 per cent at 98 yuan, down 1 yuan respectively; “Sheng Feng” 9 per cent at 45 yuan, up 1 yuan, 12 per cent at 54 yuan, down 1 yuan; the “theme” of the 15 per cent and 18 per cent price was 86 yuan and 96 yuan, respectively. Rose 1 yuan; “Hengsheng” plywood 15 per cent and 18 per cent price was 85 yuan and 95 yuan, no lifting. A month ago quoted relatively stable “Lin an” plywood, there have been recent transactions, 9% and 12 PCT reported 88 yuan and 108 yuan, respectively, rose 2 yuan.

Chinese fir big core board of the market price rises slightly recently, Ganli brand 15 mm and 18 mm Daixinban each quote was 78 yuan and 88 yuan, up 1 yuan; “double”, “Nan Sheng” Daxinban 15 per cent and 18 per cent in price respectively is 77 yuan and 87 yuan. More than a month ago, prices are up 1 yuan per piece. Source Sheng brand 15 PCT and 18 PCT core board, each quotation is still 108 yuan and 113 yuan, the performance of market stability.

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