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As we all know, sink cabinet is indispensable in the kitchen and bathroom equipment, cabinets, sinks are divided into many types, the general overall kitchen sink applications are more extensive. The whole kitchen sink is visually more ornamental and more convenient to use. Install the whole cabinet sink in relation to the day after Home Furnishing life convenient and comfortable, in many brands, the whole cabinet sink which brand is good? How to install the sink in the whole kitchen? Don’t worry. Next, I will explain all the knowledge about the whole kitchen sink.

Whole kitchen sink brand recommend

The whole cabinet sink — Franke

Well known brands, has 64 branches, 41 factories. Dedicated to the research and development of kitchen products, water tank products are highly accomplished.

Whole cabinet sink — platinum wave height

One of the top technology system suppliers, with stainless steel, granite and ceramic three materials, has always been a symbol of German quality and high reliability.

The whole kitchen sink — Moen

One of the world’s leading professional manufacturing companies. Because of the high cost performance of Moen products, it is suitable for the vast number of consumers to buy.

The whole cabinet sink — Aiken

Headquartered in Chicago, 09 years of formal entry into China, China’s high-end kitchen and bathroom market.

The whole kitchen sink — DELTA DELTA

1996 to enter the Chinese market, to bring consumers an international leader in quality products. Sales have also been improving in recent years.

The whole kitchen sink to buy

First, the depth of the tank needs collaboration cabinets space.

Slotting depth is an important factor in quotation. The deeper the slotting, the higher the cost, the greater the inner space of the tank, the higher the utilization rate.

Two 、 sink has stainless steel, ceramics and so on.

Stainless steel sink 1 millimeters thick is enough. Too thick or too thin is not a good thing.

Three, accessories serious.

Accessories is directly related to the days after the maintenance costs. Special attention should be paid when selecting.

Four, sink style and kitchen decoration, personality and color in line with.

The overall style of the kitchen should be unified, not too abrupt.

The installation of the whole kitchen sink

1, installation, the junction should be solid, pay attention to the location of hot and cold water pipes, do not confuse about.

2. When installing overflow pipe, attention should be paid to the tightness of the joint so as to ensure no leakage.

3. When installing the filter basket, note that the connection between the water pipe and the tank body is firm and sealed.

4, install matching hanging pieces, to avoid gaps and cause the tank to sway.

Editor’s summary: the above is the whole kitchen sink selection and installation methods related knowledge introduction, hoping to help friends in this area! For more information, please continue to focus on our website and the follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also go to the Qijia shopping mall to buy your favorite product!

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