The road before the vast obstacles, LED business how to break the new world

nearly two years, affected by the environment and industrial development, LED display companies appear to copy into the wind, low-cost competition, product homogeneity and many other criticisms, resulting in product sales plummeted, profitability weakened.
There are industry boss Tucao, despite the current LED display demand is still large, advertising media, sports applications, transportation, outdoor display and other areas for the LED display business to create a lot of application opportunities, but the past two years really make money
Enterprises such as rare.
Several major listed companies, or cross-border development of high profits, lying can easily make money golden age has long been passed.
Is the business really so hard to do? The answer is clearly yes.
Although the market demand is not small, but the LED display this piece of “big cake” is everyone crowded, after all, can not stop the delicious attraction, coupled with the LED display access threshold, many LED display companies mushroomed
, Which created the industry market overcapacity, resulting in product price competition situation approaching white-hot, while the industry “superb” cloning technology also makes the LED display products quite mixed, plagiarism of the industry mixing chaos.
In addition to the environmental downturn led to the weakening of corporate profitability, the chaotic industry and the development of the status quo and the existence of their own in the development of various criticisms are also difficult to do business, difficult to operate the key factors.

then that the road obstacles vast market, LED enterprises how to break a new world?

identify the core strengths to stimulate the comprehensive competitiveness

“many but not strong” is the LED display on the current fair valuation of businesses.
Although LED display business dazzling, but are mainly small business-oriented, able to dominate, leading the industry trend of the development of the big business is very few.
In particular, LED display industry is from the growth period to the maturity of the overdue period, facing a serious challenge, the phenomenon of homogenization is still the market of cancer, the development of more and more to globalization, the market segmentation more and more refined (Article ID: 11219988712112199887111128811211219982387112199887111128871111219982387
, New technology, new enterprises continue to integrate; but there are challenges to have opportunities, LED display more and more applications to more areas, its resolution is small, cost-effective upgrade, so that LED indoor and outdoor business applications have been further improved.
How to achieve the development and profitability of enterprises in the industry to meet the opportunities and challenges of the blue sea? Identify the core competitiveness of enterprises should be the enterprise should be very clear before the direction of force….?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Enterprises must first clear their own compared with their peers, highlight the advantages where? What are the shortcomings? Only clear their own core strengths, in order to avoid weaknesses, and thus improve the lack of competition in the market to enhance the overall strength.
Otherwise, only parrot, and finally with the flow in the market gradually eliminated.

optimize low-priced products is not a cash cow

whenever and wherever, where the products are the foundation of enterprises.
Enterprises in the market in the final profits, but also by the cornerstone of the product to achieve.
The core competitiveness of the product is always the market “darling”, want to seize more market share, to obtain more profits of the LED business, the development of more high-quality, distinctive products is the first step to conquer the market
This requires enterprises to optimize the product category, the more R & D focus on the core category and quality products on top of such, into the market products can live up to expectations, easy to capture the hearts of consumers, enterprises and consumers to achieve a win-win situation.
However, in the industry, the “price war” continued even more and more intense situation, many manufacturers in order to stabilize the customer, forced to use “low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-
Strategy “, the market increasingly fierce competition, corporate profits become increasingly weak.
In fact, for LED display business, no matter how the market changes, companies must strive to stay away from the “low-cost strategy”, because the impact of low prices on the market, may be able to obtain a certain amount of profit in a short time, but to long
Development, it must eventually return to the core competitiveness of the market demand-oriented research and development products, pay attention to product quality, in addition to training should also focus on helping to establish a profit model, after all, the core competitiveness of the more profitable,
Has improved.

face the current situation and the situation in the industry, identify the root cause of the prescription can reverse the situation.
Although the current stage of LED display business in the face of a lot of tests, but the method is always more difficult, for many are still in dire straits of the enterprise, in order to live, live beautiful is not difficult,
To suit their own business development methods, at a critical moment to seize the development opportunities, profitability is also difficult.

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