The quality of waterborne coatings needs to be improved

The environmental protection of coating products has attracted more and more attention. &ldquo, environmental protection &rdquo has become the key words in the field of building materials and decoration. But in the face of all kinds of paint products, consumers find it difficult to distinguish between good and bad. So, what is the real environmental protection paint?
With the popularization of the concept of environmental protection, waterborne coatings have been recognized by more and more consumers as environmentally friendly products. But because of the influence of many factors, such as price and decoration effect, waterborne coatings haven’t become the mainstream products in the market. Industry experts said that the company hopes to paint deep research and development, product quality breakthroughs, and environmental protection needs to expand the market.
The industry is hot and the market is cold
All along, home decoration paint because of the home life and the environment closely related to consumer attention. For a long time, oily coatings have been used as the main paint products in home decoration because of their rich colors. But in recent years, more and more evidence has shown that: behind the beautiful home, the traditional oil-based paint to some extent affect people’s health. As a result, more environmentally friendly coatings are becoming more and more popular with consumers.
As a newly developed home decoration product in recent years, water paint is mainly used as diluent, and harmful substances such as formaldehyde and aromatic hydrocarbons are greatly reduced compared to traditional solvent based coatings. But consumers’ understanding of waterborne coatings has yet to be improved. Consumers are only concerned with the hardness and fullness of the paint, and other ways of recognizing the need to change.
It is understood that the output of China’s coatings in 2011 exceeded 10 million tons mark, reaching 10 million 795 thousand tons; in 2012, an increase of 10.7%, China has become a well deserved paint production and consumption of the first big country. However, the utilization rate of water paint in China is far behind that of the United States and europe. At present, the utilization rate of water paint in our country is less than 10%, and the market shows the pattern of “&ldquo”, “hot market” and “cold &rdquo”.
Water paint has not been able to shake the market status of oil coating. Besides the limited market awareness, the cost performance and the cost of enterprise transformation are also important factors hindering its development. According to reports, the development of water-based coatings in the country is very tortuous, from the rise to the present decade, many domestic enterprises have set foot in, but it is difficult to scale. Some Home Furnishing building materials market in Beijing, the reporter noted that the water paint price is higher than oil paint, paint and many sales staff in addition to &ldquo ” environmental performance;, also said the other advantage is not water soluble coatings. In addition, at present, most paint companies generally use oil-based paint as the flagship product, which is less than 10% of the market share of water-borne coatings can be seen. Therefore, some enterprises are not willing to take the risk of oil and water “ ” transformation. Moreover, in order to realize the transformation of the oil to water is not only the product change, after the oil and water transfer to change of coating equipment, oil engineering construction technology and a series of Follow-Up Services, which will cost huge transformation.
China Coatings Industry Association Secretary General Yang Yuande believes that the domestic coatings enterprises to develop water-based paint is undoubtedly the greatest positive environment, but also can reduce the market price of waterborne paint products, benefit consumers. However, in order to replace the oil paint with water-based paint, not only the original coating line needs to be reformed, but also the production process is very different. Coating enterprises should step by step, can not be impatient, avoid to let immature water coating products flow to the market.
Quality upgrading requires effort
Although waterborne coatings have been accepted and recognized by more consumers, they are still the world of oil paints for larger and medium consumer markets. Data show that the use of water-based coatings in Europe has reached 80%, and since 2004, the European Union has banned the production, sale and use of paint. In China, the utilization rate of water based paint is very low, and the developed cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have reached only 30%.
In this regard, the National Technical Committee Secretary of paint and paint standard long Zhao Ling analysis, advantages of water-based paint is the most environmentally friendly, but because the majority of domestic water paint coating effect also can not achieve the same effect with the traditional paint, and waterborne paint coating is greatly influenced by the construction environment, construction period long. As a result, waterborne coatings are difficult to really occupy the market. She said that the paint companies should produce products adapted to different environments, and if it can not achieve the upgrading of product quality, waterborne coatings are difficult to be widely accepted by the market.
However, the industry is optimistic about the future of water-based coatings. Waterborne coatings, such as health, environmental protection and so on, have shown a trend of continuous improvement in the sales market in recent years. “ water paint a huge market prospects, for many domestic paint companies, research and development efforts to overcome technical bottlenecks, improve and enhance its performance is an important measure, at the same time, in the terminal sales promotion and market demand for cultivation is indispensable. &rdquo, Zhao Ling said, in addition to focusing on the quality and health indicators of the product, the coating enterprises should devote more energy to the development of the consumer market. She believes that the products industry all enterprises need to jointly promote, on the one hand, attention and support to the relevant departments, on the other hand, enterprises need to Jiezhuang companies to reach a consensus, but also to popularize water paint to consumer knowledge, publicity and product advantages.
Domestic coatings brands have launched waterborne coatings in recent years, and have made technical breakthroughs in product development. For the coating industry, an important means to reduce VOC emissions is the water-borne coatings. At present, the proportion of water in the interior decoration coatings, furniture coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and automotive coatings is gradually improving. At present, the country has established the GB18582-2008 “interior decoration materials, interior paint, hazardous substances limited”, “national standard GB24410-2009 harmful substances limited” and other interior decoration materials, waterborne wood coatings, water-based paint industry in order to protect the healthy and orderly development. But to really realize the industrialization of water-borne coatings is not the effort of several enterprises, nor is it easy to realize in the short run, but it requires the joint efforts of the whole industry.

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