The promotion of “glamour” at the end of the year does not decrease, and the development of the flooring enterprises should pay attention to its advantages and disadvantages

[at the end of the year], the flooring industry also ushered in another promotion battle of the year. Although in recent years in the industry sales promotion is not “ no ” the current situation was awkward, “ price tag ” in the repeated use after “ &rdquo charm; dropped, but in the current industry overall downturn in the industry background, the promotion war seems to have necessity.
Homogenization phenomenon is serious, enterprises moved into promotion war
Flooring industry homogenization phenomenon is obvious, subtle differences can not be fully manifested at once, promotions can help flooring companies to promote their products, highlighting the nature of product differentiation, and strengthen the advantages. In addition, the promotion of flooring enterprises is conducive to start the reputation of enterprises and brands, establish a good image, improve the reputation in the minds of consumers, so that they have a favorable impression, forming preferences.
The floor will be regarded as one of the basic business promotion strategy of marketing mix, product information transmission to the market through the effective price method, so as to inspire and promote and even create the target market of flooring products demand, and lead to the desire to buy. Flooring enterprises use promotional means to induce purchasing power, expand market share and occupy the leading position of the market. Driven by these advantages, promotions have become a natural tool for businesses.
There are many benefits to sales promotion, and companies need to weigh their pros and cons
Flooring products into the promotion market, pay close attention to the relationship between middlemen and consumers, unimpeded sales channels, while strengthening the flow of products. Through promotion, flooring enterprises can promptly understand the intermediary and consumer comments on the product, timely production adjustment. The floor enterprises in the promotion, not only can induce demand, no demand for the demand, but also create new purchase desire, expand product sales floor, extend the life cycle, enrich the relevant product market inclusive.
There is no harm to sales promotion. Is there any harm to the promotion? The answer is no. Flooring enterprises to promote the maintenance of enterprise operations, long-term will greatly enhance the survival pressure of enterprises, narrowing the development of space, but also easy to lower the positioning, resulting in a large number of customer groups lost. Although the promotion campaign is positive to some extent from the current point of view, however, from the point of view of the laws of market economy, enterprises want to achieve long-term development, we need to see both sides of the “promotion war”.
Promotion path play a role in promoting the enterprise greatly short-term benefits, but the development of the industry is not enough, in the process of the way forward, the floor enterprises want to be out of the market, but also need to face the promotion effect, to find a scientific way for its development.

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