The product characteristics of the lighting cover PC the cleaning of the lighting cover 0

The use of lighting cover is very extensive, it is very light transmittance, only 3% lower than acrylic material, and anti-aging, impact resistance, but greatly beyond the acrylic material of the canopy, the maximum weight can reach 350KG. However, now the light cover is basically made of PC sheet material, but it is not mature enough. The following small series for everyone to introduce the product characteristics of lighting cover and PC lighting cover cleaning.

Product features of daylight hoods

1, lighting hood light transmittance: light transmittance of up to 85%, and can be compared with the glass. And in the UV coated panels, sun exposure will not produce yellow change, fog, poor light transmission, ten years after the loss of light transmittance is only 8%.

2, lighting cover: the fight against anti impact strength is 300-400 times of ordinary glass, is 35 times as thick as acrylic board, tempered glass is 3-30 times, with 3kg falling 1 meters below the hammer also have no cracks, broken glass and steel ring name.

3. The light shade is light in weight: it is only half as heavy as glass. It is convenient to transport and reduces the cost of installing and supporting the frame.

4, lighting hood flame retardant: PC board itself ignition point is 650 degrees Celsius, has a good flame retardant performance, spontaneous combustion will not appear toxic gas, will not contribute to the spread of the fire.

5, the outdoor temperature is 5 degrees, the indoor temperature is 28 degrees, and when the indoor temperature is low, the surface of the material will not be condensation.

PC the cleaning of the canopy

1. Rinse with clean water below 60 centigrade

2, you can use a soapy soft cloth soaked in dust and dirt on the panel, prohibit the use of coarse fiber fabric or brush and so on contact with the board surface, not with scraper, razor or other sharp tools grinding.

3, of course, flush with water

4, if the board has grease, rubber tracks, etc.. It can be scrubbed with anhydrous alcohol, kerosene, or gasoline soft cloth.

5, after washing, you can use cold water to dry with a soft cloth, to prevent leaving water spots.

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