The new normal ceramic enterprises under steady

[] in 2015, China’s economic development continue to adhere to the overall tone while maintaining stability. The structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading will continue to make new progress, steady progress will be the basic trend of the future economic development China. In the face of downtown pressure on the economy is still large, the excess capacity to resolve conflicts still sharp, sustained release of the bonus system, the new normal stage of new power constantly coming, the ceramic industry is not only the pursuit of the goal of maintaining stability, accelerate innovation driven, more is to speed up transformation and upgrading. In ceramic industry, realize the development progress while maintaining stability has another profound connotation and meaning.
Ceramic industry production scale has been quite huge, according to the latest disclosure of the industry, in 2014 the national total of ceramic tile production enterprises 1452, 3621 production lines, annual production capacity of nearly 14 billion square meters, and the total yield of 11 last month before the ceramic tile has topped 10 billion square meters. The productivity advantage is in China’s ceramic industry’s unique advantages, by this, our achievement the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter, per capita output maximum, but blindly created obstacles to stride forward singing militant songs, associated with the sustainable development of the industry. The pressure from environmental protection, cost and market competition is increasing day by day, and it is the new normal. How to realize the goal of development while maintaining stability, this is true.
Steady headed, steady progress. That is to achieve a more stable transformation and upgrading of the industry, including possible turbulent industry reshuffle, knockout, mergers and reorganization portfolio. Both to strong goals ahead, but also to maintain the development of the industry rhythm, progress and twists and turns. Especially not change radically, because ceramic industry is labor-intensive industries, social instability cannot be formed due to stop production, limited production, collapse and other reasons, especially to avoid environmental protection, energy and other areas appear large area “ freezing disaster ”.
Initiative, innovation, change and development. That is the ceramic enterprises in promoting development, not to rely on such, to take the initiative as the work level. In the period of important strategic opportunities, the ceramic industry is facing enormous challenges from all sides. The competition from the market is unprecedented, and the task of carrying forward the development is arduous. Ceramic enterprises do not break out in innovation and die out in the process of transformation. Under the new normal ceramic enterprises, as the main force of the real economy, we must work hard and produce effective results.
“ ” is the main target and direction, is the focus of the ceramic industry while maintaining stability. The stability of the word at the head, while maintaining stability. Ceramic enterprises are required to focus on quality and efficiency transformation. Including products to high value-added, high technology content, high cost and has independent intellectual property rights the direction of upgrading, industry to resource conservation, ecological civilization, transformation and innovation driven, high quality and efficient development.
Two is to focus on innovation to digest the rising cost factors. Alleviate the cost pressure, and expand profitability and profit margins, which is also a red line to maintain the survival of enterprises, but also enterprises to achieve real development and progress of heavyweight indicators.
Three is to promote their own brands to enhance international brands and expand the international market. The goal of achieving a powerful country can not be separated from the international market, the construction of internationally renowned brands, more closely related to the international market, or the direction of the ceramic industry toward the internationalization process.
Four is to accelerate mergers and acquisitions, and promote industrial concentration. This is an important prerequisite for the ceramic industry from big to strong, the current ceramic industry status quo and future needs of the market, and support this country for ceramic enterprises realized by quantity to qualitative evolution provides an important condition.
Five is to focus on innovative marketing model. The domestic market channels sinking channels for international market intensive and meticulous farming, independent development, independent brand marketing. In product innovation is the foundation to meet market demand, the domestic ceramic enterprises to achieve a breathtaking jump in “ ” marketing link under foot, do your homework, this is an important symbol of the enterprise while maintaining stability.
Six is to focus on innovation driven on the basis of an upgraded version of the dream of power, and substantive progress and results. Whether it is China’s ceramic industry has 15% technical equipment and products reached the international advanced level, there are still 30% has been close to the international advanced level, there are 30% narrowing with the international advanced level gap, the results are positive, but the gap is still not to be underestimated, this is also the important part of maintaining stability.
In fact, while maintaining stability to the ceramic industry or continued to build an upgraded version of the interpretation of the version, or promote the offbeat interpretation of power to a power forward target. In short, in the face of many new changes brought by the development of the new normal, new trends, new heights, to achieve steady, steady progress, steady quality, stable efficiency, steady development, should also become a new bright spot, ceramic industry as a new, new achievements.

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