The market consumer demand is changing, and the floor enterprise needs to change with each other”

With the rapid development of China’s economy, people are now more than satisfied with material prosperity. Reflecting on the consumer market, more and more consumers are beginning to pursue a spiritual level of enjoyment, or merely a stimulus to the senses. This has become a new way of human existence, and has become a protective mechanism for their psychological safety. Floor as the daily life of people closely related home decoration supplies, timely “ update their ” has become necessary.
Consumer groups younger, consumption trends personalized
At present, the economy and society, 80 and 90 gradually become the main force of consumption, they pursue personalized experience, consumption as a personal image, a spirit of the world and the declaration of personality. By consuming, they express their desire for free choice, reveal their pursuit of personal fantasy, and show their desire for knowledge and the world.
When consumers become more and more young, flooring enterprises are also ushered in a new development trend. At present, the traditional flooring enterprises to R & D and production floor according to the market demand, through this model produced many times the floor size requirements, style has been difficult to meet consumer preferences. As the new market players have new requirements for floor type, color and so on, it also makes it necessary for enterprises to strengthen their innovation so as to adapt to the current market environment.
Conform to the trend of flooring enterprises or welcome situation
On the one hand, the introduction of talent, and strengthen innovation. Know how to cater to consumer demand, personalized flooring products gradually popular market, the floor enterprises also need to see the plight of development, mainly lack of original design talent, difficult to standardized production. Therefore, the flooring enterprises in the design must pay attention to the introduction of talent, strengthen innovation, more modern people on behalf of the personality of home life needs, and truly solve the actual problems in the process of family pavement.
On the other hand, taking advantage of the Internet, the development of electronic commerce, to provide consumers with the best experience. Now, the electricity supplier of the potential has to point has been a trend which cannot be halted, the floor on the market “ electric shock ” voice can be heard without end, the development of the electricity supplier has really let flooring companies see new opportunities, many flooring companies want to use electricity supplier power again to flex its muscles, win more market share. Despite the booming electricity supplier, but it is undeniable that the floor industry electricity supplier share is still less than 10%, even in the lead of the United States, there are still more than 80% of the transaction is carried out under the line.
The Internet has brought tremendous opportunities, but traditional commerce is still a market that can not be neglected. The future to let more people from the line to the line is still a floor electricity supplier who vowed to the mission. Only let electricity providers landing, in order to gain more new customer groups from the ground’s customer groups, spawned a greater online consumer market.
In short, consumers are changing, if the flooring business can not change with it, I believe that in this strong and fragile market, will soon be replaced, or even eliminated.

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