The market competition is fierce, the floor enterprise is unique, needs to enhance the innovation ability

[] always, the flooring industry to strengthen product innovation are familiar topic of business, but in recent years, looking at the entire market, can really carry out the implementation of the enterprise is actually not much. The weak innovation has become a short board for the development of flooring enterprises, although innovation is particularly important for enterprises, but in the end what is the constraint on the promotion of innovation?
Homogenization has become a serious obstacle to the development of enterprises
Flooring industry in the domestic development of nearly thirty years, and now product innovation has reached the most practical problems enterprises have to face. In fact, weak innovation performance is the homogenization of serious phenomenon, everyone in a “ plagiarism ” wandering environment in our country, the homogenization phenomenon does not appear in the flooring industry, from the original mobile phone entertainment now imitation to follow the trend, more and more copycat products, daily life by homogenization sweeping.
Of course, the main cause of homogenization is still low creativity, low innovation level, can not keep up with the speed of social renewal. Floor enterprises in the development process, but also inevitably because of high cost of innovation, lack of original design forces and other reasons leading to homogenization. In the domestic seemingly large floor market, in fact, each floor is divided into enterprises, but the market is not many, many floors enterprises are trying to strengthen themselves, this is a good thing, but need to pay attention to methods.
To build a strength brand, enterprises need to start with product innovation
At present, the well-known brand flooring enterprises real strength is less and less, in the end, because China floor market threshold low, industrialization process is short, restricts the development of the progress of the whole industry. Another reason is that many small and medium-sized flooring enterprises product designer position is not important, and its work time is completely occupied by other work, and with the floor design has nothing to do, this can not help but say is a kind of sorrow.
Successful flooring enterprises are booming, often based on product innovation, enterprises will innovation as a basic strategy to achieve revenue, market share and customer loyalty and other aspects of growth. The industry believes that to change the floor enterprise “ heavy sales, light design, ” “ heavy imitation, the original light ” the phenomenon of flooring enterprises have the order reversed, the owner must establish a “ &rdquo design productivity; and from the point of view, the fees, staffing and job benefits take or cooperate with the brand design company model, developed with independent intellectual property rights products on the floor.
Therefore, the floor enterprises want to become an independent school in the market, but also need to have &ldquo as steady as Mount Tai, out of the ordinary products; &rdquo. Copying and copying blindly is not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises in the market. Only by continuously improving the ability of innovation can an enterprise have a high degree of competition in the white hot market!

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