The key of red phosphor factory wide gamut TV brand to help

The ultra high resolution 4K2K TV in the market leading brand, eager to develop the TV factory looks better wide color gamut TV products, SONY grab launch QD technology to build a wide gamut TV in 2013, although the market get a lot of attention, but its price is high, the characteristics of cadmium containing products, the impact of the European and American market acceptance the. Brand factory 2014 key quadrivalence Mn (Mn (IV)) red phosphor breakthrough technology limited in the past, to NTSC 100% for market wide color gamut TV brings new topics and demand.

A new generation of wide gamut TV is expected to debut in 2014, the brand new aircraft fleet in the factory, brand manufacturers will launch with red phosphor and green phosphor, collocation of wide color gamut TV new blue chip, it will reach 100% NTSC, SRGB also has exceeded 100% of the performance, but the technology is the key breakthrough tetravalent manganese red fluorescent powder.

According to the industry that tetravalent manganese red phosphor used in CCFL lamp, this is the four or five family “phosphorus” afraid of heat, afraid of wet powder and afraid of light the shortcomings of early LED into backlight applications have been used, but in the reliability test card, in recent years improved to LED in the process, three wavelength stacking a color coordinate of unique and excellent performance, and improve the brightness advantage. It is understood that the tetravalent manganese red phosphor the first patent on the US manufacturers GE hands, and Japanese LED manufacturers Nichia and SHARP are licensed by GE hands of the patent.

With the fermentation of 4K2K TV demand, brand factory also active for the LED TV market to create new products and new topic. Following the resolution promotion, brand factory also enhance color saturation and contrast of performance in a new generation of models, the pursuit of NTSC reached 100% and SRGB more than 100% specifications. The Japanese giant strategy, SONY has been robbed in 2013 launched by QD technology a wide gamut of TV products, however, because the price is high, and the content of cadmium in the EU RoHS Standard Specification though, but the recovery and disposal process cumbersome, and the impact of acceptance, but also affect the cost of manufacturing yield performance.

The brand factory in 2014 through the use of a new generation of red phosphor reached a wide gamut of results, the cost performance and pricing strategy will more than QD, and the success of large size LED market has saturated bring new demand will be of concern to the industry index.

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