The integrated ceiling removed to completely avoid the industrialization thought the new bottled wine

[integrated ceiling manufacturers as manufacturing enterprises, in operation thinking with serious industrialization thinking, especially from traditional electrical appliances, pinch plate manufacturers transformation and extension of enterprises. Although under the impact of the Internet, the integrated ceiling manufacturers have opened their own online channels and from the media, however, the real Internet thinking using flexible and in-depth business is not much.
“ Internet thinking ” is a new theory in recent years, you can use Baidu Search search to the specific definition of it: “ make full use of the spirit of the Internet, value, technology, methods, rules, the opportunity to guide, processing, innovation, work thinking. ” and this concept is really people’s attention, or due to CCTV in November 2013 to do a special topic for Internet thinking.
At this point, “ Internet thinking ” from “ minority ” into the “ public ”.
But does Internet thinking really mean that?. As Ma said, it was nothing more than “ the difference between traditional and unconventional thinking; ” just.
Internet thinking depends on the current development of the Internet age. Different from the traditional theory of industrial society, the traditional industrial society emphasizes division of labor and refinement. The Internet era focuses on joint and connection. The former is the trend, the latter is the trend, the trend is not reversible, it will invisibly affect and change the entire space-time background of people.
Under the original emphasis on the relationship between supply and demand in the industrial society in the Internet has become stale and boring, a new kind of business model to explore the potential audience demand even potential consumption ability is beginning to flourish, Taobao is undoubtedly the leader role. The greatness of Taobao can be said to be created by Ma Yun. Ma Yun’s greatness can be said to be created by numerous small enterprises, and the accumulation of countless small enterprises is the consumption demand and consumption power of the whole of china.
So, obviously, the Internet thinking is different from the industrialized thinking, but the new to replace the old, there must be a buffer period, even if the mind has been aware of the body or habit of maintaining the original. So, not only individuals, but also for enterprises. — — in the old system and the new concept of “ squeeze ” inevitably, the formation of the concept of dislocation. Especially for the original in the old system did a very successful business enterprise transformation is also more difficult, not only do not put the past but also to seize the future, like a philosophical question that, if the possibility of survival is to completely negate their own expense, will you?
Internet thinking is undoubtedly progress, “ focus on the ultimate product and service ” +“ excellent social media marketing ” out of the Internet thinking “ user first ” core content.
Now a lot of integrated ceiling enterprises have been involved in WeChat, micro-blog and other social networking platforms, but often go is “ the new bottled wine route &rdquo. WeChat doesn’t have to be “ you also have me ” the competition project, in fact as long as &ldquo has &rdquo strong emotional appeal; extreme performance +; the two elements of Internet products can be with selfdiffusion function.
Even in the visible future, consumers once aggregated, collectively eat a “ overlord meal ” is not impossible.

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