The industry repeatedly in freezing the flooring industry where 2015 transformation of the road?

At present, after nearly thirty years of flooring market, the transformation and upgrading of the industry has become the hottest word. Indeed, after the downturn in 2014, the flooring business really needs to think about the direction of enterprise transformation in 2015. At the end of the year, the floor enterprises or can find the transition in the summary of the clue.
Comply with environmental protection trends and improve product research and development trends
From April this year, the introduction of the new environmental law, and by June, the environmental law amendment, and then to the final implementation of January 1, 2015, during which the reform of the environmental protection industry in the flooring industry has undergone changes in the first half of the year. In recent years, energy saving and environmental protection have become the eternal development topic of the industry. Flooring industry in this context, but also ushered in a new challenge. Therefore, from a series of environmental standards action, the transformation of the road will also be around the topic of environmental protection, energy conservation.
When health becomes a kind of idea, when green became a kind of fashion, when the environmental protection has become an inevitable demand of the society, so, sustainable green consumption will become the trend of development, low carbon environmental protection products will become the focus of attention and research direction of floor enterprise. Low carbon market will usher in a huge space for development, will certainly become the floor of the brand.
Use new loan model to ease financing difficulties
This year, on the South Home Furnishing building materials industry enterprise collapse tide event layer not poor: in April this year, -7 months, &ldquo companies because of bad money; ” and the collapse of the facts but also indicate the importance of capital chain for enterprise development. Is the so-called “ horses forage first, &rdquo floor; premise way in enterprise reform also requires ample funds, only the perfect capital chain to make the floor business transformation without worries.
With the release of the loan network, the rise of P2P loans, financing channel is no longer a single plank bridge &rdquo “ thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers;. From the first half of this year Home Furnishing building materials enterprises listed in the second half of diversified financing channels, but the short time, the floor Home Furnishing building materials enterprises financing channels is undergoing changes in turn the world upside down, as a timely rain, “ ” to solve the floor enterprise financing for sanitary enterprises as pressing danger, provide a new way.
Whether it is the technology of environmental protection products or the problem of financing on the development of enterprises, the floor enterprises will have a solution to the problem in the downturn. Affected by a series of internal and external factors, the flooring enterprises are indeed facing greater market pressure, but only things to opportunities, flooring enterprises will inevitably usher in greater progress in the increasingly grim situation.

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