The Indianapolis Colts center Kelly will accept the foot surgery

August 18th – the tiger has suffered a series of injuries of the Indianapolis Colts suffered another hit.

The team coach chuck Pagano (Chuck Pagano) told reporters on Thursday that the center Ryan Kelly (Ryan Kelly) will accept foot surgery. Kelly a week before the training of midfoot fracture. He was drafted in the first round of the draft last year and may be the best offensive team players.

After surgery may be put in the injured reserve Kelly \/ return list specified. Kelly must stay 6 weeks in the injured reserve list in return to his squad. It is worth noting that the pony reserve center Blaine (Brian Schwenke) the application of vyncke due to ankle injuries are still unable to play due to injury in the list.

Now Pagano is very difficult to tap the three line from the team players to fill the vacancy. He will need to find answers from the team outside. Quarterback Andrew (Andrew Luck) – Iraq still require weeks to unable to play due to injury from the list in return, but when he came back, after the horse does not want to let him in an offensive attack in a disastrous state. Last season the line let Iraq pony was sacked 41 times in his 5 season in his 2 season was killed more than 40 times.

Bad pony attack is not a secret attack. This problem has been paid attention to for a long time, but now they had more bad luck. Pagano can only hope that Kelly can recover quickly.

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