The ideal solution for high precision tooling systems

(INDEX) SpeedLineC100 / C200 production of automatic lathes, designed for efficient, low-cost processing of the typical automatic lathe cutting workpieces and complex CNC lathe turning the workpiece design, can be relaxed, fast and economical production of various types of
High precision, high rigidity of the handle and clamping system.
“IN-DEXC100 / C200 lathe high-speed production of automatic lathes, it can be said that the current Chinese market for high-precision tool system production of the most ideal solution.” Dirks Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. General Manager RainerKehder said.

In the high-speed machining state, those with low system accuracy, low rigidity and poor dynamic shank in the long time after processing production, is bound to cause the tool and machine vibration, not only affect the processing surface quality, but also reduce the tool and spindle bearings
Of life.

Therefore, the high-speed machining market now has a new requirement for the tool system: a high degree of system accuracy, stiffness and a high degree of dynamic balance.
“This provides market opportunities for the INDEXC100 and C200 lathes, which specialize in high-speed bar production,” said Mr. Kehder. “The two machines feature a unique planar motion guide that ensures high power and optimum
Shock absorption, improve the quality of the workpiece at the same time, greatly shorten the production cycle. “

INDEXC100 / C200 lathe equipped with IN-DEX plane moving guide — plane with two degrees of freedom of the new rail,
Layer guide and the surface of the treatment of the guide plate, with good vibration damping performance, can greatly improve the workpiece surface quality and extend the tool life; INDEXC100 / C200 lathe has two main shaft, two Y-axis, three independent programming system
, 3 rotary turret, 42 tool positions, up to 3 knives can be processed at the same time, very suitable for multi-species, complex parts, such as high precision handle and clamping system components of the batch processing production;
Processing area and vertical bed design, easier access to the operator, while ensuring the smooth chip, effectively improve production efficiency.

INDEXC100 and C200 lathe operation is simple, and the configuration is flexible, modular design can be completely based on customer demand for the configuration of the turret and related mechanical installation.
“The configuration of the INDEXC100 and C200 lathes is based on the proven Siemens 840D, but we take into account the operating habits of some customers,” said Mr. Kehder, “according to the customer’s production needs.”
Will be selected according to customer demand with the same level of other control system. “

3 rotary turret, simple and flexible operation, can be safe operation, and in the adjustment and tooling knife loading process, if necessary, can also be a 1
, The INDEXC100 and C200 lathes can be flexibly configured for modular automatic loading and unloading, in order to perform more automated production and processing, as they can be synchronized in the control system to display three separate systems, so they can also be programmed
System, bar feeder and gantry-type integrated workpiece unloading device and other related equipment.

“The most important point, in order to ensure that all of its products in order to ensure the quality and quality of all products, all parts of the equipment are independent of their own production, configuration installation, which is a lot of other similar brands can not do.” Mr. Kehder

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