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Wood floor with its natural appearance characteristics of high-grade, comfortable gradually replace the tile floor decoration has become a modern mainstream especially home floor decoration. Now, when you decorate your home, you will choose to use laminate flooring, long life, and wear and tear resistant ability is also very strong, and that laminate flooring price list expensive? Today, let’s introduce the wood flooring price list and come to understand it!

Laminate flooring price list

Olga flooring $98\/ square meters

A laminate flooring for 125\/ square meters

Oguman wood floors – gray color cherry $84 \/ square meter

As the new wood floors – locking composite floor 118 yuan \/ square meter

Rome flooring series (real wood) $65\/ square meters

Laminate flooring price list two

The surface of the diamond ZS-830 series – kendiya wood composite floor at 318 border town pomelo

Cartier diamond surface series ZS-823 Padouk wood composite floor of $282

Cartier – European style series of Nirvana (Dan nice neem wood parquet) $548

Cartier – European style series Drdla (oak) wood composite floor of $468

Cartier – European style series, Ellis (Sapele wood composite) $468.

Cartier diamond crown series Heerbolai (Golden Teak wood composite) $346

Cartier diamond crown series selian pull (Sapele wood composite to $320)

Laminate flooring price list three

Filin Geer flooring – Blue Hu $138

Filin Geer wood floors – $238 brown ink

Filin Geer wood floors – $238 at Oak

Filin Geer wood floors – Andean $187

Filin Geer wood floors – white walnut $138

Filin Geer wood floors – Bordeaux $238

Filin Geer Bruce – $238 aggrandizement wood floor

The above price is for reference only. Please quote the price of the local distributor.

About laminate flooring price list, I will introduce this, and I hope to help you, more decoration information in the family network, please look forward to.

Laminate flooring wood flooring wood floor price

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