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Many people like to decorate the balcony as a balcony and the floor glass door, so that it can feel the enlargement of the area, and the lighting effect is very good. However, we enjoy the vast field of vision and lighting at the same time, the impact of ultraviolet light on indoor furniture and room temperature will also increase, ultraviolet radiation on human skin and eyes the most obvious. The following small to introduce the role of glass film and glass membrane species.

The role of glass film

1, UV protection

Glass film is mainly used for glass film business, outdoor public facilities and so on. Can effectively block 95% of the sun, its sun protection performance is higher than other professional sunscreen products sunscreen performance, comprehensive protection of furniture, jewelry, Mats and so on

2, heat insulation, energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful

The insulation of the glass film is very good. The room with the glass film is lower than the room without glass film. 5-8&deg can be used in winter to reduce the heat loss caused by cutting glass. Especially suitable for the south, West, East, glass area of the house.

3, sun drying, and always enjoy a healthy life

Ordinary glass is easy to be smashed, but with glass film can prevent natural disasters, glass covered with a protective net, to reduce personal injury, protect property safety.

4, safeguard against peep and build a private world

The glass film affixed to the glass can effectively prevent peeping, and can make the view of the window clear and clear, and make the prying eyes can not see the private space inside.

5, bulletproof safe, just like iron price, King Kong

Bulletproof glass film security functions in financial institutions, military institutions and other places can play an effective protection, the protection of the diamond like armor, can rise to prevent theft, robbery, explosion proof, bullet proof function.

Types of glass film

1, high permeable

The glass membrane made of ceramic materials has good light transmission performance and can absorb solar energy. The glass membrane has the advantages of low reflectivity and good heat insulation. It is the highest performance product in the world.

2, heat reflective type

The glass film made by metal magnetron sputtering can reflect heat and shade the heat, so that the light in the room is soft and comfortable.

3, one-way Perspective

This type of glass film has very good visible light properties. The side of the light has mirror characteristics, and the back has perspective. The radiation effect is good for the exterior decoration, that is, reflection \/ translucency and multi-color.

4, medium high perspective type

It has good light transmission and heat insulation. It is the most glass film type used in modern architecture. It is mainly used in commercial and civil buildings.

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