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With the improvement of people’s living standard, many families choose to install wooden floor. Wooden floor looks high-end atmosphere, but accidentally prone to scratches, and encountered such a situation, what should I do? Direct painting, all turned over, re surfacing Today, Xiao Bian tells us about an economical and time-saving solution to the repair of partial damaged floors. Then, how do we operate it, and then take a closer look at it.

[steps to repair the floor]

Generally speaking, paint repair is used for repair or gel paint manufacturers and other products, which can ensure the repair effect and guarantee the performance of environmental protection, repair after the repair, manufacturers may request special customer service staff on-site service, paint products in general, even at the repair effect can not guarantee the standards of environmental protection.

And the partial damage repair method needs to destroy the floor which needs to replace first, then thoroughly takes out. Use the tool to replace the short side of the floor cut a gap, and then saw sawed floor surface for replacement will be divided into small pieces; and then remove the floor, but we must ensure that does not damage the surrounding floor; and then remove the floor around the glue clean, and ensure good cleaning groove easy to install, if it is not completely clear, joints will be uneven or lax. You can use a new piece of floor tenon slide back and forth on the interface, find out and remove the residual glue, to ensure the restoration of the floor appearance, also note that do not damage the mortise around; next new floor, new floor on one side of the notch sawed off lower part and clean up the mortise, should be reserved some space for glue will occupy a certain space; finally, the new floor is installed to replace the original position around the floor covered with glue and tenon, tenon groove in the new floor is the glue, and then put the waste gap at the plate in the first, the long side of the slot the original floor around the tongue angle embedding and the short side edge of the tongue, and then hand press the notch side and cushion block with special tool gently hit into, attention before installation than a length is consistent, if the new plate is long, Can be a bit shorter, only the whole floor assembly.

The whole method of re paving and the first time there is no difference between the pavement, the original floor of all the first tilt, and then re surfacing new floors.

[how to repair solid wood flooring scratches]

First, solid wood flooring, shallow scratches, repair

Repair of shallow scratches, scratch the wood floors, the first will be cleaner and water according to the ratio of 1:50 to prepare, with a clean cloth will be felt wrapped to clean the floor, if the ground is very dirty, should be cleaned with special cleaning sand or sand mat net again. Wait until the floor surface is completely clean, and then smear special mop polish (directly in the old paint brush paint, floor wax relative to the use of more scientific and reasonable and simple), this repair scheme can make the wood floor to restore the original luster, and can save money.

Two, solid wood flooring, deep scratches, repair

Deep scratches for wood floors, repair requires professional grinding equipment with the construction technology of Germany, with many processes worn old floor paint scratches, with fine wood putty grinding out full adjustable scraping on the floor fill seam, ground and polished after cleaning, brushing professional floor paint.

Three, details of the repair, so that solid wood flooring more perfect

If the paint on the surface of the solid wood floor is not broken, just a little impression, then we can give it directly after cleaning with polishing wax polishing; if the floor paint is damaged, we can do some technical treatment, with iron will repair heating wax, scrape off the excess part, dry 24 hours, No. 400 sandpaper polished, finally removed polishing wax.

Finally, the need to pay attention to consumers, if you buy the regular factory floor, the breakage phenomenon can find manufacturers customer service service personnel to repair the floor, consumers need not worry about such trifles.

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