The expansion of domestic demand brings opportunities for Coatings Enterprises

[] the impact of the economic environment, the Home Furnishing building materials industry market environment is not optimistic, but the market environment despite the downturn, paint enterprise cannot improperly belittle oneself blindly pessimistic. In some ways, the industry still has huge prospects for growth. According to insiders, the current state of the Ministry of housing has issued a notice to encourage new commodity residential decoration in place or menu style decoration, gradually to the roughcast houses, the decoration Chengpinfang directly to the consumers, the 4 trillion home market is imminent, the paint industry may usher in a new opportunity for development.
At present, with the rising of the domestic economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, increasing domestic residential, new residential renovation and the old residential change makes the use of paint once reached the maximum value, accelerate the development of the hotel industry, catering and entertainment, office buildings and other markets, but also to the development of the domestic paint market has brought broad the space. China’s sustained economic development, the basic construction entered a vigorous period, unprecedented expansion of domestic demand, but also bring new opportunities for the paint industry.
Today, the domestic coating industry has gone through nearly thirty years of development, has become a major consumer of paint production and manufacturing, and in the international market development space is more and more big. At the same time, China’s accession to the WTO with the treatment of developing countries will promote the development of the traditional textile building materials industry, which will further reduce the cost of raw material procurement. Global Coating Net learned that adding WTO will attract a large number of overseas funds, joint venture, cooperation opportunities for small and medium enterprises to improve the number of paint, paint companies marketing planning, quality management, product packaging and production of standardized management with external level.
At present, China has become the world’s largest producer of coatings, but also an important consumer of paint. China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, and a huge potential consumer market has attracted worldwide attention. At present, China’s per capita consumption level of paint is still low. Therefore, it is expected that the coating industry’s growth of paint production has great potential.
In twenty-first Century, the Chinese government proposed to speed up urbanization and the pace of urbanization. We will comprehensively promote the rural economy and speed up the process of urbanization, so as to further stimulate the consumer market and expand consumption areas. The country’s initiatives will further promote China’s housing construction, which will lead to the development of housing related industries. According to the needs of society and development, the State Council has put forward the industrialization of housing, which will lead to the standardization, serialization and industrialization of tens of thousands of products supporting housing.
In conclusion, although the current paint industry is facing the development of “ winter ” winter, but to spring be far behind? As long as the coating enterprises can follow the market development pace, and constantly improve the quality of products and services that will usher in the development of a new turn!

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