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The horse still crackling firecrackers rang non-stop, the media by the Spring Festival of the horse topic of big data have been published in a variety of statistical data, people instantly have to update the understanding of big data the familiar topics. Baidu search for “big data”, immediately jump out about big data of the latest articles: “big data analysis:Big surprise “,” wearable devices into public life “and” medical help big data big data change people life “; they are the interpretation of the data in the year of the horse spring is amazing, and the most playful is ranked first in the search engine: the Spring Festival of the horse to the mother-in-law’s gift, many enterprises will be estimated next year offering special gifts to the mother-in-law products also can make nothing of it.

On the aspect of big data is the largest CCTV “evening news” in cooperation with Baidu, Baidu map location enabled visualization of large data broadcast Spring Festival migration situation in the country —2014 years destined to make big data that keywords familiar words from familiar with casting into the fire, most gold. Then, at the outbreak of the era of big data at the same time, lighting companies you see business opportunities?

The horse blew big data experience storm

“Big data” is a word, is a few years ago. Just before the Chinese Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen and some other places in the study, only occasionally hear the media call, how? How far is it from our end of life? Not too many people to pay attention to, but in the year of the horse spring festival quietly changed. About big data, CCTV financial channel, focusing on interpretation of major media coverage, the company size, various agencies enthusiasm touted as a new field of vision, the time seems not to know the “big data”, do not live in the new century. CCTV and Baidu maps, broadcast the Spring Festival National People’s movement, but also to the National People’s lesson about big data popular class, let people experience the image data in every corner of the world around us, and our lives are closely related. About the search engine statistics gifts ranked first mother-in-law to be counted out, each participant also became a member of the big data, but the key is to make big data technology, go down the altar and really too high to be reached, people with the basic necessities of life, so that people truly feel great the data. The Spring Festival of the horse let all of this become a reality! With data in the future will use more and more old people’s life, and is closely related to Chinese life.

The channel implemented large data base

Statistical data cannot do without all kinds of search engines and social media, they are the main channel of big data statistics. From now on all kinds of media data, search engine source of data is the main source of Baidu; social media is the main micro-blog, QQ, WeChat, APP and related professional website. Whether Baidu or micro-blog, QQ, WeChat, APP and related professional website, they after so many years of development, the accumulation of a large number of users and data, in the year of the horse is not an accidental detonation.

These large data channel is no stranger to Chinese almost, and our life together. To find a not Baidu, not QQ China networm almost no Chinese every use of these tools, are of large data contribution; every one of the big data platform, need these statistics and analysis of a large number of in the background. To analyze big data, cannot do without the support of the platform.

Big data gets relatively open

What is a platform for data information is relatively open. Such as Sina micro-blog, the number of comments and forwarding, singular love video playback and praise volume fraction, these are available through open data statistical activities. But more data is only the platform itself can see, such as Baidu search volume of individual words. Even so, is not equivalent to big companies and institutions to analyze big data, it depends on what you want to analyze the contents of. For example, we want to know what the most crowded tourist routes during the Spring Festival, we can analysis Ctrip, where the network and and other major tourist sites launched line pricing, price rise generally rises, line more and more crowded; price unchanged line shows that not many tourists; instead of the lower price or simply do not have the offer is usually unpopular line or not suitable for travel routes. Such statistics, people only need to think, write, diligent a bit can do. But to a nationwide analysis, such as the Spring Festival of the horse population migration, it can only rely on the professional institutions or CCTV this platform to do so.

Infinite space with large data to the full range of life extension

In theory, the use of a wide range of data in real life will be more and more widely, to influence the lives of ordinary people will be more and more big! This meaning in various professional introduction of large data already in the book is explained for thousands of times. The reality is that the Spring Festival of the horse about big data, just stay in some of the more basic topics, such as gifts, travel, and even a variety of shrimp practices, which is the highest rate of search. Although the topic of public interest, make people feel more or less entertainment is too strong, the use of big data on the lack of guidance and practical. In addition to the CCTV “evening news” opened up a big data plate, all kinds of statistics and no government departments. The United States government is already using Google incidence trend analysis of domestic influenza, which is more than China advanced a lot. China government departments face long-standing travel problems during the Spring Festival every year, why not and the international society, the use of big data analysis of pre triage, after all, these are people’s lives and livelihood of the people “”. Such as the Lunar New Year’s day by 78 highways blocking haze, if the use of large data analysis, data released in advance, the situation will not be much better?

The author believes that after 2014 detonated on big data, the era of the future, or whether it is the government, enterprises and individuals, let the data speak, speak with data era is certainly not far away!

Editor: Liu

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