The development of LED industry rapidly, foreign patent mono

From the beginning of 2000, the light emitting diode (Light-EmittingDiode, referred to as “LED”) the luminous efficiency at an annual rate of 10 ~ 20lm\/W speed increases significantly. In recent years, the development of semiconductor lighting technology is the speed of technological innovation a thousand li a day, far more than expected. The accelerated attack giants, rapid increase of industrial technology. In May 2011, CREE announced that its white LED light effect laboratory data up to 231lm\/W, create a new world record. In 2011, CREE product the highest luminous efficiency has reached 161lm\/W.

In addition, in the field of production process of wafer, the PHILPS company in Holland at the end of 2010 the first mass production of 150 mm wafer; in the field of LED lighting applications, the first Ge Corp in the United States has made a major breakthrough in the cooling technology, have milepost significance for industrial development.

In the patent, the global LED market for high-end products and patent especially the core patent technology is basically 5 large companies (OSRAM, CREE, TOYOTA and PHILPS, Nichia chemical synthesis) control. Among the major LED giants reached a patent cross licensing agreement with each other, forming the patent cross network, in order to consolidate the monopoly position.

At present, many domestic enterprises have low power LED chip technology, high power 110lm\/w chip has reached the level of R & D, but mass production enterprises are rare. The current domestic chip has been through a small chip integrated way to achieve a breakthrough in lighting applications, but in the high-power lighting chip high-end market value share is still low, more than 80% dependent on imported equipment; MOCVD is almost completely dependent on imports. At present, the core technology, patents and standards are still the main constraints of China’s semiconductor lighting industry development.

Shanghai LED enterprises to focus on research and development, has a certain advantage in china. Mainly displays in: one is the substrate: sapphire and SiC substrates was established with 2 inches of substrate cutting, grinding, polishing production line in the preparation of other substrates have been carried out such as patent layout, lithium aluminate substrate. Two high brightness chip R & D technology: Shanghai blue, Shanghai Blaupunkt 863 project acceptance index in the domestic top three, and the 863 phase, the two phase of the project the largest investment in Shanghai. Three equipment: Shanghai as an important base of China’s advanced manufacturing industry, pipeline, gas, control of semiconductor manufacturing equipment professional service company has a number of world-class manufacturing, provide a strong support for the MOCVD equipment research and development. The four is the development of LED lighting technology: Shanghai has a lot of advantages in the development of optical design, precision optics, special field of application.

However, compared with foreign advanced level, Shanghai gap is relatively large, local enterprises to apply for patent quality needs to be improved; high quality high power LED chip local high-end lighting manufacturers used most still rely on imports, the majority of enterprises in R & D and production equipment has not yet been applied in the local Shanghai.

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