The dark spots under the sun: analysis of the hidden problems in 2014 coating industry

[Chinese coating market is now on the right track, sprint another peak production. In the paint market phenomenon actually flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, also hides a lot of problems.
As a sunrise industry in China, the coating industry is constantly improving and developing. The market of coatings is &ldquo, healthy, environmental friendly and green &rdquo. The water paint also around the loom, Chinese paint market is the right track sprint, another production peak. In the paint market phenomenon actually flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, also hides a lot of problems. Summary of these problems mainly in the following aspects.
First, excessive marketing
Coating is divided into two major categories, one for home decoration decoration paint, and the other is industrial coatings, in practical applications, downstream customers and consumers for their expectations and requirements are different.
The architectural decoration paint, environmental protection concept of speculation is very fierce, everyone claimed that their latex paint is to formaldehyde, zero or VOC is non-toxic, in fact there is no real non-toxic latex paint, if you use the defoaming agent, dispersing agent, film-forming agent and emulsion can not prove non-toxic, where the latex paint is non-toxic to courage? Of course, odorless latex paint is one of the very fierce speculation concept, the first taste of latex paint from what place? Now the production of emulsion factory, basically no postprocessing procedures, if the same several plant emulsion emulsion together the smell of it, can be easily distinguished by who smell small, low odor must be added postprocessing procedures in the production of enterprises. Another point is antifreeze. Although all organic solvents are toxic, the use of propylene glycol is much less toxic than the use of ethylene glycol. The family decoration wood paint more needless to say, if it is aromatic hydrocarbons, toluene, xylene, and trimethylphenyl from wood paint formula to get rid of, and can meet the requirements of consumers on cost and performance, do not to the current level of technology.
Second, quality stability
The main raw material costs a year production of paint for the past has declined dramatically, five years ago may spend 12000 yuan \/ ton to buy wood paint for the main solvent butyl acetate, and today the market price is between 6000-7000 yuan \/ ton; 3 years ago, even the domestic titanium dioxide must spend 20 thousand yuan \/ ton to buy in, and today the market price is almost still a knife. We talk about in the production of latex paint emulsion, acrylic acid and acrylate in 2013 was as high as 17 thousand yuan \/ ton, and today the market price is not enough to cut down the middle of a knife. Chinese market paint price didn’t fall, Xiaobian last week and several senior practitioners to chat together, tell them since these main raw material price and the price of your products badly, did not fall, it is time for some good stuff. They also told me that their bosses were embarrassed to ask them to find something cheaper, and they thought it was time to improve their quality and quality. There was once a Akesu foundry coating business over a period of time the boss said, despite the help Akesu foundry, but not to earn money, but the world famous paint group on the quality management and quality stability of nearly as demanding that they learn a lot, rely on advertising in the satellite is not reduced and the global leading brand gap.
Third, serious homogenization of products, rampant use of ISM
We should admit that “ism” is a shortcut in many industries in china. Chinese characters are interesting and the Chinese market is interesting. You can’t live without copying, and you can’t stop being copied. A big brother class enterprises launched the five one interior wall paint is successful, not long after the world is full of different names of each plant launched the five in one, we also know that good copy copy reference, not called a copycat, actually what plagiarism is the door of knowledge. Reference is equivalent to plagiarism, and never get the core competitiveness of the product.
Fourth, too many paint companies, reflecting the industry despite the profitability of good, but the lack of core competitiveness of products
Two weeks ago I with a group of technical director Chinese count how many serious paint companies, latex paint 7000 is certainly less well, powder coating 3500 is certainly not in place of statistics. Only the lower reaches of the threshold of ultra high car paint and cans of paint production enterprises less, and private enterprises are proud of 2000 wooden paint can not stop. Most of them are small workshop type switching factories. What is called a switch factory? They are opened on orders and switched off without orders. To remind you, the expansion of foreign coatings giant has extended from the first tier cities to three lines, four lines, and even many remote areas. Before the three or four line of the city China private coatings enterprises play a leading role, and now a small town can also see Dulux and Nippon stores.

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