The advantages of the use of site power

Today, we live in the product is mainly through the socket is connected to the modular UPS supply, but we may not have met, but now HUAWEI can meet the requirements of wireless power supply contact for some products, when the use of electronic products in the outdoor is also can be used normally, such a convenient site power market is very hot, so a product which use the advantage?

This product is mainly to provide power for electronic products, then the connection is above using a wireless connection, but also can use the wired connection in the power supply process can achieve efficient and stable, it is impossible to previous products, the HUAWEI electronic products in the wireless connection is a monkey the breakthrough, so when in outdoor also can be used to power, which is an advantage to attract customers.

The main power supply rectifier module, it is now the industry leader.It is mainly 200A to 600A in the capacity requirements, it can be very stable output power. For the use of out of use, it is hoped that the volume is very small, this device is used to separate the cabinet to receive power supply, battery, the volume is also an advantage, at least not occupy a large area. And this product is also to support a transmission within the band, it saves a lot of cost.

The traditional power supply at low temperatures will increase costs, but HUAWEI’s environmental requirements will not be so high. We are most afraid of is the product in the process of using the cost is very high, and this product failure rate is far lower than other brands, it saves a lot of maintenance costs.

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