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Terrazzo floor is widely used as ground material in public buildings, such as hospitals, schools, commercial places and so on, and terrazzo floor is widely used. Because terrazzo floor price is low, use performance is good, got a lot of consumer approbate so. Today, Xiao Bian to introduce to you is about terrazzo floor construction technology and terrazzo floor construction price, the following up to have a look.

Terrazzo floor construction technology

Terrazzo floor construction technology一般是按照基层处理 → 定线 → 水磨石板浸水 → 砂浆拌制 → 基层洒水及刷水泥浆 →铺水泥砂浆结合层及预制水磨石板 → 养护灌缝 → 贴镶踢脚板 → 酸洗打蜡的工艺流程来进行施工的。

1, basic level processing: mortar bond on the base layer (or sprinkling concrete) and pulp skin smashed brushed, and clean surface regolith with a broom.

2, fixed line: according to the design drawings of the ground elevation requirements, from the wall has been played good +50cm line, to find the surface elevation, in the surrounding walls on the board surface level.

3, water mill stone water: to ensure the bonding quality between mortar layer and precast slab, the paving plate plate before the application of soaking in water, auxiliary reaches the surface of ignorance.

4, mortar mixing system: pay attention to control the amount of water, mixing good mortar to hand into a group, after the ball that is appropriate, with the shop with the smear, not mixing too much.

5, grassroots sprinkler and cement slurry will brush clean water after ground surface wetting (do not have Mingshui).

6, cement mortar combination layer and precast slab, cement slurry has good check brush without air drying phenomenon, can start laying mortar bonding layer; precast slab paved room, to shop around the wall with non full plate edge, should be symmetrical to each other.

7, maintenance pouring: precast slab paved 2 days after the inspection, no surface rupture, hollowing, with water mud filling, and keep the cement slurry overflow wipe clean, with height of 2\/3, and then the terrazzo with cement slurry filling color yan.

8, affixed with skirting board: before installation, first select a person, the thickness should be consistent, and the baseboard soaked with water drying.

9, pickling, waxing: pre grinding stone surface cleaning, cloth or clean linen silk with a thin paste wax. Precast slab in the factory is the polishing and waxing, but because the installation process grout surface layer pollution and after installation finished improper protection, so the unit project should be completed before surface treatment, and the oxalic acid powder and water to scrub, then rinse off do not sweep saws.

Terrazzo floor construction price

关于Terrazzo floor construction price,因地区不同,价钱会有所差异,水磨石地面施工主要是看工人工价和原材料价格,关于材料的价格,消费者可以前往当地建材店做详细的咨询,一般情况下,水磨石地面材料加人工费是在30元/平方左右。

以上关于Terrazzo floor construction technology以及Terrazzo floor construction price就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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