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I believe we all know, the compressed air is the second largest power source after electricity, compressed air is widely used, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, machinery, and biochemistry, national defense, scientific research and other industries and sectors. Compressed air is needed for almost all production, processing, and engineering. Below we will introduce: the importance of compressed air pipeline, as well as the failure of compressed air pipelines and prevention methods.

The importance of compressed air piping:

1, the selection of the pipeline is critical

Corrosive gases, atmospheric water vapor, hydrocarbons and other impurities, per cubic meter of air mixed with about 140 million solid particles, these impurities in more than 80% of the particle diameter is less than 2μ m, so easily through the air compressor and the silencing filter, enter the compressed air system. Contains various impurities in the air after a simple filter after it enters air compressor compression due to the high temperature generated in the compressed gas and oxidation, resulting in a decline in the compressor lubricating oil quality, and a strong acid. These solid particles and oil in compressed air and water vapor together into the compressed air pipeline system. Such as the use of the traditional galvanized pipe or steel pipe, the inner wall of the pipeline will be firstly subjected to corrosion, this is because the chemical properties of the active iron is it particularly easy to cause rust, iron will contact with air and oxygen in the air chemical reaction, the molecular surface of iron into iron oxide — — rust. Exposure to iron surface in the air to make the iron rust, become soft and loose. Ordinary carbon steel pipe using a long time, the tube will naturally corrode impurities deposited. The end result is a pipeline (including weld position) wear corrosion leakage, pollution of air pneumatic equipment, pneumatic instrument and the quality of the end product will bring serious damage, increased maintenance costs of system equipment, leakage and waste a lot of money. Practice has proved that the seamless steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe with heavy pollution and easy to leak slowly being eliminated, more safety PVC tube slowly away from the industry, instead of the new FSTpipe (Forster) compressed air pipeline performance Aluminum Alloy, with its design, the advantages of materials and production process, ensure that to provide high-quality transportation as pure as a compressed air, to protect the gas terminal security and production quality is stable, with O type high performance sealing ring, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of leakage.

2 、 piping design and installation

Domestic factories, enterprises, compressed air pipelines are straight type, one-way pipe, which will lead to the front of the work can work properly, the rear position pressure and flow supply is inadequate. In addition, when the design of the installation, the district control valve is not considered the setting, a region or a device failure, resulting in the entire plant production delays. In the installation, but also rarely consider the problem of drainage, many enterprises compressed air transportation pipeline is very messy, flying in the sky, there are underground, complex, and can not be drainage. Some manufacturers use PVC or PPR as the pipeline, because of its larger rate of expansion, but did not take into account the expansion of the mouth. Therefore, in the design and installation of compressed air delivery pipeline, be sure to have the pressure piping qualification and professional design and installation and company to design, planning and installation. In order to ensure the normal operation of production enterprises, improve efficiency, reduce costs and ensure quality.

Failure and prevention of compressed air pipeline:

(1) safety valve leakage reasons and prevention methods

The support surface of the relief valve spring is not perpendicular to the center line of the spring. When the valve spring central line and supporting surface is not vertical, the valve spring pressure, it will skew, resulting in the safety valve valve force uneven, warping, causing leakage, oscillation, and even safety valve failure.

Control method: adjust the safety valve spring spring bearing surface and the verticality of the center line, keep the vertical of impurities, safety valve and valve seat between the dirt to clean up, when necessary, to ensure close contact surface grinding. Safety valve, valve spring should be compressed, the thread and sealing surface should be protected, there is damage should be repaired scraping and grinding.

(2) causes and treatment methods of air leakage in compressed air pipeline system

The cause of the leak is often due to the selection of materials and accessories quality or installation quality is not good, the pipe support sink caused serious deformation and cracking of pipes, pipes in water, ice, pipe or pipe expansion crack.

Treatment methods: repair or replacement of damaged pipes and pipe fittings, regularly remove water pipes in pipe support, to prevent the cracking; sinking should repair support, adjust the pipe slope, in order to facilitate drainage.

Editor’s summary: the importance of compressed air pipes, as well as the compressed air pipeline failure and prevention methods introduced here, hoping to help you, more information, please pay attention to Qijia network.

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