Taizhou Damaiyu port imports of plate a substantial increase in the number of rubber wood-based

Recently, the reporter learned that in 2016 Taizhou plate imports to achieve volume and price Qi Sheng, are a record high.
Taizhou Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Yuhuan Office throughout the year inspection and quarantine of 301 pieces of imported timber, the volume of 44062 cubic meters, the value of 360.79 million US dollars, respectively, year on year increase of 204.0%, 255.8% and 666.8%.
In addition, since the beginning of the year, Taizhou imported sheet of good situation has continued – in January 2017, Taizhou Daimei port imports of sheet metal reached 31 batches, volume 3868 cubic meters, the value of 1.362 million US dollars, compared to the same period last year, the
Port imports plate 21 batches, volume 2565 cubic meters, the value of 921,000 US dollars.

Taizhou Tai Maiyu port imports of plate material for a substantial increase in why?

reporter learned that since the implementation of natural forest protection policy since China, and gradually limit the logging of logs, timber imports has become an important means to meet the needs of China’s forest industry.

Taizhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Yuhuan Office staff Li Bo Tao introduction, Damaiyu port plate imports year after year growth – 2012, the port imports plate material volume reached 2300 cubic meters; 2013-2014 imports of plate material are more than 5,000 cubic meters;
Since the beginning of import growth in 2015, the volume of more than 12,000 cubic meters, an increase of double.
“Moreover, Taizhou Damaiyu port to create a good import environment, but also gradually attract enterprises in the local customs Bao Jian .”

He said that the increase in demand for wood, but also and furniture is not stable export situation is directly linked, Yuhuan known
“China European classical furniture production base,” said, and in recent years a lot of local furniture companies have to do domestic solid wood furniture transformation.
Chenzhou Jingjie introduction, domestic and foreign consumption differences, Taizhou furniture export enterprises to do low-end density board-based, domestic sales of high-end solid wood furniture, the two products can be the price difference can be achieved
2-3 times.

She said that the company last year, plate imports increased by 5%, imports of rubber-based wood, “foreign plate comparison of domestic, there are advantages in terms of price, and product quality can be guaranteed, which can help us control costs.

It is reported that the barley Bay port imports of sheet metal to the main wooden sheet, boxwood wood, beech wood and large leaf mahogany wood supplemented by wood.
2016 imports of rubber wood sheet 42667 cubic meters, accounting for 96.8% of the total volume of imported plates, mainly from Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.
In addition, with the sharp increase in imports of plates, the risk of invasive alien species in imported plates is also increasing, and the social responsibility of inspection and quarantine is becoming more and more important.
In 2016, inspection and quarantine of imported plates failed 69 batches, volume 11198 cubic meters, the value of 3.995 million US dollars, respectively, the total imports of 22.9%, 25.4% and 11.1%.
A total of 140 batches of various types of epidemic cases were intercepted, of which 19 batches of quarantine pests, respectively, increased by 52.2% and 288.0% respectively.
In addition, this year Taizhou Inspection and Quarantine Yuhuan Office also intercepted the small Mus musculus and other medical media creatures, and the first intercepted live gold snake and other creatures.

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