Strong development of coatings industry has become an important promoter of economic development

Now, in a market economy dominated, macroeconomic development often requires several projects at the same time. With the rapid development of economy, the building materials and household industry are on the rise. At the same time, the coating industry in the building materials and household industry has gradually become the main promoter of some key economic projects.
In recent years, China’s macro economic environment and the demand for the end market continue to pick up. It has provided a great market space for the development of titanium dioxide Market in China, and also made the annual output of titanium dioxide in China continue to grow. Yangxian County has allocated 72 key construction projects this year, with an annual investment of 8 billion 109 million yuan.
New project 49, annual plans to invest 2 billion 591 million yuan; 23 construction projects, annual plans to invest 5 billion 518 million yuan.
In 2014, Yangxian County will build an annual output of 30 thousand tons, 100 thousand tons of calcium bentonite, construction of non-ferrous Industrial Park, industrial park, the development of nuclear energy, Qin Yang Changsheng wine company moved 14 key industrial projects, expansion, new production value of 13 billion 530 million yuan, taxes 2 billion 160 million yuan, 1300 new jobs.
These new industrial parks can not only increase raw material output and market share, but also promote the development of coatings industry and further promote the economic development of our country.
The economic base determines the superstructure, and the superstructure has an impact on the economic base as well. As the country’s macro environment is getting better and better, our coatings industry will have a better impetus to our economic development.

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