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Stone after a long period of wear and tear, will certainly be affected in appearance, then this situation, we only have to replace the new stone? It’s not so troublesome now. We can use the stone retreading technology to renovate the old stone. So, how do you do this stone wall renovation? How about the effect after the renovation of marble? As well as marble wall maintenance notes, let’s take a look at it.

Stone crystallization process

I. The main consumption materials of stone crystallization

1, the main material: K1, K2, K3 crystal. K1 liquid is a stone crystal mirror agent, suitable for dark marble, K2 liquid is a stone surface hardening agent, used for stone finish, plus hard light, forming protective film and crystal mirror on the surface. K3 is made of durable natural wax resin, which can form high gloss on the stone surface, and can repair the scratch of stone. The effect is lasting, and meanwhile, it has anti slip performance.

For 2, other materials: neutral detergent, marble glue, clean water

Two, stone crystallization of the main machinery, equipment and tools

Grinding machine, cleaning machine, suction machine, multifunctional washing machine, drying machine, red scouring pad, white pad, bucket, mop, rag, small trowel

Three, stone crystallization operation process:

1, remove the stone surface wax layer and dirt.

2, stone has been worn, surface uneven or deep cross horizontal, the stone surface needs to be refurbished before grinding to smooth and smooth.

3, the crystalline powder and water into a paste evenly on the stone surface, and spray some water to make the stone keep wet, and then use the brush machine or Baijie pad with special crystallization machine for grinding, (to keep the ground moist, polishing process is not too dry), each work area about 3~5 square meters.

The formation of beautiful faces, 4 stone surface to be processed, with the wiper will paste scraping to the next area of operations, and just add a few new crystalline powder to polishing, the polishing method repeatedly to the ground when the emergence of a large number of foam with suction machine suction, and then re crystallization powder the new operation is carried out according to the above method.

5, when the ground after the completion of the crystallization operation, wash with clean water and dry.

Crystalline properties of marble and matters needing attention

I. performance description:

Marble mainly consists of calcium magnesium salt, chemical properties is not stable after renovation after polishing, technology adopted in order to increase the surface hardness of the (glass Vitrification), the purpose is curing surface molecular structure, increase wear resistance, enhance the surface hardness of marble. Marble crystallizing powder can be decomposed and marble surface of calcium carbonate free out stone structure, then the crystalline powder of active ion and surface by soluble calcium responses from the crystal to produce hard dense calcification. Therefore, the surface layer after crystallization will be more wear resistant and less scratch. If handled properly, the dense crystallization surface crystal in good condition, to improve gloss stone and antifouling, waterproof also have a certain effect.

Two, the main ingredients: inorganic acids, composite materials, SH-98, SH-98W, SH-98WF

Three, matters needing attention:

1, improper processing, or when the crystallization layer may lead to the original marble surface color and texture deviate from the original state, resulting in color difference.

2, crystallization agent is strong acid treatment agent, should be particularly careful, avoid harm.

3, the stone surface must be completely clean before processing, or it may cause uneven surface gloss.

4, the use of crystal powder of poor quality, there may be clogging stone breathing pores, therefore should pay special attention to prevention and on the possible stone crack disease.

Notes on crystal curing of marble wall.

Stone conservation: wall stone to do renovation, maintenance is different from the ground paving stone, due to the use of different equipment, wall stone care more time-consuming than the ground stone and certain skills.

1. mechanical choice

It is only possible to use the hand polishing machine for grinding and polishing because it can not be polished and polished with large stone lifting equipment. Under normal circumstances, according to the owner’s request to renovate the way of care. Some customers will choose wall stone walls as ground oftentrampled waxing, there will be a lot of scratches, waxing is also a feasible plan, but belongs to the physical wax cover, clogging the stone surface airtight prone to disease. So in order to maintain the appearance of long stone walls, or like the ground like after pointing, patch, polishing, crystal surface treatment process of the same.

2. disc selection

The portable polishing machine strength master is not uniform, in the use of ordinary grinding grinding, it is prone to deep scratches phenomenon, it will make the owners are not satisfied, we will take a lot of time may also effect is not ideal. So the wall stone renovation process, the best use of dry grinding, the grinding is not so hot, the effect is very ideal. In the portable grinding machine can not lift the area: marble columns, walls and corner grinding we can also use sandpaper, so not like grinding grinding when deep scratches, easy to repair, the effect is also very good.

3. marble crystallization product selection

In the choice of products on the market, marble crystallization maintenance products prices are uneven, beyond count, selection is very difficult, Beijing Aifu stone, professional stone renovation crystallization maintenance engineering for more than 10 years, according to the construction experience for many years, we recommend using F10 marble crystallizing powder, strong versatility, and the neutral weak without burning stone, maintenance of stone lay a solid foundation, stone protection agent F10 recommend the use of stone protective agent, often used in places such as hotels, gloss, brightness, durability is very good.

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