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With the increasing use of stone in the field of architectural decoration, the consequent stone disease not only greatly reduces the decorative effect of stone, but also shortens the service life of stone. There are three main problems: one is that some components in the interior of the stone and atmospheric chemical reactions and the formation; while the two is caused by the increasingly serious air pollution; three is due to the construction of stone in the installation method caused by improper. Here for everyone to explain the stone disease treatment methods, as well as stone maintenance notes.

Treatment method of common stone lesions

Stone disease is inevitable, but also several common stone lesions, namely water spots, Bai Hua, rust and efflorescence. In this paper, we will do some sort of removal of these four kinds of common stone lesions.

Water spots: first of all to distinguish between what is the cause of water spots (stains) do not dry. If the following in the village, there are a lot of water (such as: paving is completed, with a cutting machine cut ground water; ground water saturated in the previous survey; after the installation by a large amount of water into the seam between the, etc.) should be dry honeycomb cement layer in water saturated condition, on the ground should the air drying method, or after a long time of natural drying, the layer of cement in the water evaporated, and then to control the stone itself. If you blindly wash with chemicals at this time, it tends to aggravate the flooding phenomenon. The reason is simple, washing is to use water, and water can never wash off water, only evaporation is reasonable.

Someone with a heating method, if the hot air dry way is possible, but it should not be applied in a large area with many; fire, lamp baking method, the effect is not ideal, this kind of method is able to quickly improve the temperature of the stone surface to long mud layer increase the water temperature. The evaporation of water will not be too obvious, but the negative effect is great. Due to the rapid heating will make the stone and cement expansion, ply delamination hollowing, sometimes resulting in stone warp, have cut the mouth, the consequences difficult to control, the proposal is not the.

Bai hua:

The 1. is to determine the Bai Hua (efflorescence) is the main reason for the construction of cement stone in the wall caused by moisture or due to Water Leakage caused. If it is caused by Water Leakage, should close the drain source, then Bai Hua (efflorescence) cleanup.

The 2. China (white efflorescence) can be used to deal with Chinese white scavenger. White Chinese scavenger will corrode the marble surface and should pay special attention to it.

3. smooth stone Bai Hua before processing, you can first use the marble cleaning blade thick part, then Bai Hua scavenger for processing; hair stone due to uneven surface, difficult to clean, good advice brushing Bai Hua scavenger, must let the full reaction (drops from colorless to green), with a wire brush gravity scrub. If one is not enough, can be repeated several times, until completely clean up; alkaline treatment can be directly coated with white Chinese scavenger for processing.

4. stone on Bai Hua (efflorescence) clean up after the application of high-quality curing agent on the surface of stone and crevice waterproofing sealant, then the waterproof sealing of all gaps. Stop the recurrence of “White China”.

Rust: the first step will wash the stone surface clean, remove the dirt into the stone inside, after brushing the rust remover. Marble rust remover, rust removal effect is slower, more serious rust place must be cleaned 5 times before removal. If the construction period is shorter, granite rust remover can be used. It has a corrosive effect on stone stone. Therefore, it should be diluted 1 times and used at the top. The serious rust can be removed only two times.

The second step is to clean the stone with clean water. When the stone surface is dry, prepare the stone colorant. When using colorants, dilute them according to the specifications. Thinner may also be used properly.

The third step is brushing stain and protective agent. Pigment coating requirements uniform, after brushing, static for more than 2 hours, after the surface dry, wipe off the surface float. Check whether the color is even, if found uneven, should be repeated coloring construction. After making sure, paint the brightening stone protective agent and wipe off the surface float after 2 hours.


1. as soon as possible on the surface of slab, comprehensive waterproofing, to prevent moisture intrusion, the efflorescence is no longer expanding.

2. available on the market stone whiskering cleaning agent. The cleaning agent is a colorless translucent liquid made of non-ionic surface active agent and solvent, has certain effect on the cleaning part of natural stone surface efflorescence. But before use, must first make a small test block, to test the effect and decide whether to adopt.

Matters needing attention in stone maintenance

1, non neutral detergent should be used with caution

Stone is afraid of meeting strong acid base liquid. When cleaning stone material, it can not seek quick cleaning effect, but ignore the ingredient of detergent. General cleaning agents contain acid-base properties. So if the long time use of the unknown components of the cleaning agent, will make the stone surface gloss lost. In addition, the main stone stone lesions produce non neutral drug residue is the day after.

2, need to be carefully selected wax

There are many kinds of wax on the market, such as water wax, stearic acid wax, oil wax, acrylic wax and so on. These waxes basically contain acids and bases. Not only will it block the pores of the stone breathing, but also stained with dirt to form wax scale, resulting in the yellow surface of the stone. In place of the pedestrian and circulation of goods of high frequency must be waxing, it must ask professional maintenance company with wax and maintenance guide.

3, ventilation drying is a magic weapon to maintain natural characteristics

Stone afraid of environmental humidity is too large. Water vapor will produce hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of stones, resulting in water spots, whitening, weathering, erosion, rust, yellow and other diseases, and destroy stones, so the installation of stone should always be ventilated and dry.

4, protective agents have to choose varieties

After the construction of stone materials, the permeability, water resistance and antifouling property of the stone must be maintained. Can not use the unknown protection agent, so as not to fail to achieve the protection effect, but increased the difficulty of stone maintenance.

5, clean and clean, we must insist on doing well

Whether the hard granite (hardness HRs88-1114-7) or soft marble (hardness HRs46-773-5) are not resistant to wind sand and soil particles of the long-term ravages. Therefore, we should always use dust remover or electrostatic mop, do a good job of dust removal and cleaning. Commercial space entrance, it is best to place dust pad, to avoid shoes with sand, scratching stone, preferably after changing into slippers, reduce sand, dust, wear stone surface.

编辑总结:关于石材病变处理方法、Matters needing attention in stone maintenance的相关信息就为大家介绍到这里了,希望这篇文章对大家有所帮助。如果大家还有什么不明白的地方可以在下方给小编留言哦,我们会尽快为您解答

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