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Stone material can be regarded as an essential material in decoration materials. Many friends like to use marble floors or stone furniture, which gives people a sense of dignity and dignity. Because the stone has been used for a long time and natural weathering, if the improper care, it is easy to lead to natural color and brightness disappeared. Here we come to detail the stone renovation, crystal notes what?.

Marble crystallization procedure

I. The main consumption materials of stone crystallization

1, the main material: K1, K2, K3 crystal. K1 liquid is a stone crystal mirror agent, suitable for dark marble, K2 liquid is a stone surface hardening agent, used for stone finish, plus hard light, forming protective film and crystal mirror on the surface. K3 is made of durable natural wax resin, which can form high gloss on the stone surface, and can repair the scratch of stone. The effect is lasting, and meanwhile, it has anti slip performance.

For 2, other materials: neutral detergent, marble glue, clean water

Two, stone crystallization of the main machinery, equipment and tools

Grinding machine, cleaning machine, suction machine, multifunctional washing machine, drying machine, red scouring pad, white pad, bucket, mop, rag, small trowel

Three, stone crystallization operation process:

1, waxing and polishing stone is a kind of natural and environmental protection materials, and its bright colors, luxurious style, so its maintenance is particularly important. Waxing is to seal some of the stone surface with the naked eye can not see the small hole, to prevent dust pollution and dirt penetration, thereby prolonging its service life.

2, cleaning the ground, using multi-function washing machine, with dust, water suction machine and washing stone water cleaning tools and agents for cleaning.

3, wax use professional waxing machine, cooperate with advanced stone care wax, stone stone waxing treatment.

4, polishing use high-speed polishing machine for polishing, so as to achieve bright and clean, bright effect. The main pathological lesions for processing stone stone oil, water stains, coffee stains and other non-ferrous besmirch infiltration stone generated lesions, treatment on the disease, is the use of professional import agent to remove dirt, so the stone to restore color.

Notes on crystallization of refurbished stone materials

1. Do not flush with water

Natural stone care, like natural wood, is a porous material that breathes, and therefore absorbs moisture easily or dissolves through water. If the stone absorbed water and pollution, will inevitably cause a variety of diseases such as crack, stone, weathering, fall off, float, vomit, water stains, rust, Bai Hua, fog face annoying problems. Therefore, stone should avoid washing with water or wet mop to wash the stone surface.

2, non contact with non neutral items

All stone are afraid of acid and alkali. For example: acid granite often caused by pyrite oxidation and vomit phenomenon, decomposition of calcium carbonate contained in the marble surface caused by acid, erosion, alkali feldspar and quartz grain boundaries will erode the silicide crystal grain peeling phenomenon caused by granite. Therefore, non neutral articles destroy the mirror surface of the stone.

3, can not arbitrarily waxing

Not only will it block the pores of the stone breathing, but also stained with dirt to form dirt. It will cause yellow phenomenon on the surface of the stone. If the pedestrian and circulation of goods of high frequency places must be waxing, you must please professional maintenance company with wax and maintenance guide.

4, not indiscriminate use of non neutral detergent

For the sake of fast cleaning effect, general cleaning contain acid, so if the long time use of unknown constituents of cleaning agent, will make the stone surface gloss lost, because of non neutral drug residues is the main cause of the lesions produced after the day of marble.

5. Clean up the pollution immediately

All stone materials have natural pores, and pollution sources (oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc.) will easily penetrate the pores to the inside of the stone, forming a nasty stain. Therefore, we must select the special quality stone special protective agent applied to the stone, to prevent pollution sources pollution of stone. You know all the protective agent can not be 100 percent long-term stop pollution, so once the source of pollution in the stone must be immediately clear, to prevent the infiltration of 100 material within the pores.

6. Always keep the air dry

Stone afraid of environmental humidity is too large. Water vapor will produce hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of stones, resulting in water spots, whitening, weathering, erosion, rust, yellow and other diseases, destroying stones. Therefore, the cultural stone installation outlet must always be ventilated and dry.

7, regular protection should be carried out

To keep the stone life, stop water pollution source and the penetration, be sure to regularly (as the type of stone and protective agent is the best quality 1-2 processing 1-3) for protection. Special attention must be paid to the quality of the protective agent. After the application, it is necessary to maintain the permeability, waterproof and antifouling properties of the stone. Must not use the unknown protective agent, so as not to fail to achieve protection effect, but increased the trouble of stone maintenance.

Marble renovation, maintenance is divided into two kinds: waxing and renovation crystallization

1, marble waxing, marble waxing polishing is indeed an effective way to maintain, but this marble maintenance many drawbacks. A wax surface absorbs dust and treated ground will easily produce a hazy feeling, but after the pedestrian will leave clear footprints; two, wax layer closed pores inside the marble, marble marble with moisture can cause, the lesions appear; three, wax layer is soft, easy to wear, not required really protect the marble.

2, marble renovation crystallization treatment, marble recrystallization treatment is a more popular way of marble maintenance,

Recrystallization of marble is divided into two parts, one part refers to the part of machine tool, the other part is a special chemical material; chemical materials and into two types: one is the granite recrystallization, the other is marble recrystallization. The basic principle is the crystallization of stone will produce some special chemical materials by mechanical friction when heat, chemical reaction and structure of the marble surface, have a crystalline hard layer of the use of these stone recrystallization of granite and marble stone floor maintenance, can make Dali light fresh and natural effect. Can also improve the surface of the marble wear-resisting degree, make its luster more lasting.

In general, granite ground for two years, so that maintenance can be. But marble ground due to differences in texture, generally need about one month or so to do such a maintenance, but the specific depends on the degree of marble surface wear and tear.

Marble renovation, crystallization tools: refurbished machine, nylon brush plate, water suction machine, mop, bucket.

Marble renovation, crystallization agent: weak base or neutral detergent.

Marble retreading operation method:

1, the dilution of the stone cleaning liquid into the washing machine, from the back to advance, straight line walking, so as to avoid omission.

2, scrub at the same time start the suction machine, scrub side while suction sewage, washing machine can not be washed to the place where you can mop, bubble cleaning agent, wring dry, scrub.

3, clean with detergent, dry the ground after the sewage, according to the same wash with water again, dry water can be completed.

4, attention: clean the ground, prohibit the use of acidic detergent and powder detergent, otherwise it will damage and corrosion of marble surface.

5, standard: clean, bright, no stains, no prints.

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