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Stone for a long time it is prone to shadow, Fanjian, frosting, rust, grease, straw yellow and weathering, aging and fading, gloss wear phenomenon, if there is a problem, it is difficult to recover, the stone has not appeared before, nip in the bud, keep the stone clean and beautiful appearance, is the best stone conservation the. Here’s a look at the stone cleaning, protection, treatment methods, what is it?.

Construction methods of stone protection

Stone protection construction in the way: the brush (brush), Tu (sponge), clean (cloth), spray (low pressure spray), immersion (immersion bath), roller (drum), pour (container) seven.

During construction, the construction methods shall be determined according to the stone finishes and the kinds of related protective agents.

(1) spraying: this construction method is characterized by quick construction speed and even coating. It is especially suitable for construction of mushroom face stone. But the waste is great and the cost is high.

(2) immersion: the main advantage of this construction method is that the inside and outside of the stone can be fully protected, and the seepage is not enough as other ways. In all construction methods, only the immersion can achieve the best protection effect. But because the stone is too large to the protective agent, so the cost is higher. Therefore, the use of some of the best quality, but also low cost curing agent. Such as: Green Angel brand, HB-S103 and so on.

(3) roll coating, this method is suitable for large-area ground protection construction, and it is too big for wall surface. Generally used in low cost curing agent construction.

(4) the construction process for cloth, the stone surface is light, we generally do not advocate this form of construction, but if the cloth painting construction was enough protection of stone, it is a good way of construction.

(5) sponge coating, this process is used for the light surface of stone, can be more evenly coated with protective agent.

(6) pouring and pouring, this process is suitable for all kinds of stone surface, but the equipment and site requirements are high.

(7) brush brush, this process is suitable for all kinds of surface, and can control dosage at random. It is a better construction method.

The interior of the stone can not be effectively protected. Therefore, we popularize this construction process (facing stone factory), this construction process can make up for some of the shortcomings of protective agents. Different stone protective agents have different construction requirements. Before construction, the practical construction plan shall be worked out according to the use of the protective agent and the actual situation at the site. In addition, the quality of stone protection is closely related to the quality of the protective agent, the construction process and the quality of the construction personnel. Therefore, the protection of the construction, it is best to consult the professional stone conservation company or by them to deal with, so that the quality of protection can be guaranteed.

Treatment method of stone protection

Treatment method:

1. before the protection, stone must be completely cleaned and dried before construction.

2., use brush, roller, for every square meter area should be painted more than 100cc of sufficient dose.

3., a slit area where the drug is injected into the gap with an injection needle to achieve saturation protection.

4. surface construction, should apply two layers, when applied evenly, the first layer after applying for 10 more minutes, to make it penetrate completely, in the smear layer second, the current amount can slightly increase or decrease, 30 minutes after brushing, and then wipe the surface clean and smooth degree of surface burning (if the use of stone was cover the protective agent is not required).

The back of the 5. facilities, should be coated with a layer of thick, when applied evenly without omissions, wait 10 minutes after the smear, the initial volatile dry, and detected the surface is a sticky, in strips or plastic isolation, 30 minutes after brushing, but stone installation engineering comprehensive.

Stone protection construction technology

一般Stone protection construction technology如下:

1. completely remove the dirt and dust on the stone surface so as to keep the stone clean and dry.

2.. The stone curing agent shall be evenly sprayed on the stone by spraying, coating, brushing, soaking or soaking.

3., stone overhead flat, keep the stone surrounding ventilation. Bottom overhead should not be used wood, straw and other material decoloring materials, so as to avoid the formation of pollution.

4. keep the stone for 24 hours, dry and maintain. For second applications, you can follow the product instructions.

5., after the stone surface is basically dry, we can do yard work, but the stone should be separated by small stones, so that it is easy to ventilate, so as to keep the stone dry.

6. self inspection of protective effects, if found missing, should be remedied immediately.

7., cleaning the stone surface of the protective agent residue (mainly smooth stone, wool surface without this step).

编辑总结:关于石材清洗防护处理方法、Stone protection construction technology的相关信息就为大家介绍到这里了,希望这篇文章对大家有所帮助。如果大家还有什么不明白的地方可以在下方给小编留言哦,我们会尽快为您解答。

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