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Stone adhesive is actually composed of polymer additives, cement binder, high cement and other reasonable preparation, and stone adhesive has a strong cohesive force and flexibility, is a new type of adhesive adhesive suitable for stone, concrete walls, concrete ground, cement mortar base surface, base and cement based waterproofing materials base paste marble or granite and natural stone. The next Xiaobian to introduce stone adhesive characteristics and stone adhesive precautions.

Stone adhesive characteristics

1, simple construction, strong adhesive force. Compared with the traditional cement slurry, the utility model is more stable and safe, and reduces the weight of the building garbage and improves the work efficiency.

2, very good anti flow hanging performance, can effectively resist stone paste.

3, anti-aging performance is excellent, can effectively avoid cement paste appear color, bleeding and so on.

4, very environmentally friendly, green materials, there is no harmful substances.

Notes on the use of stone binders

1, mixing binder water must use clean water;

2, in the preparation of adhesive glue, can not add any admixture.

3, after adjusting the slurry, preferably in about 2 hours to run out

4, stone bond and ordinary protective agent do not protection, so it is easy to cause off; the best use of the AD2009 waterproof adhesive, which can anti shedding

5, in winter can be appropriate heating, construction temperature can not be too low

6, stone surface stains, to clean up in time, keep dry.

7, when the glue is not solidified, you can not move plates, remember that glue tools can not mix

8, if winter glue viscosity is big, must be heated, but after heating to cool below 40 degrees in order to add curing agent

9, there are excess glue, and can be used on other stones until it is fixed

10, glue should be allocated in proportion, but also in the required time to use, and if the higher the construction temperature, the shorter the use time.

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