Small and medium-sized integrated ceiling enterprises, mobile agility, speed win big enterprises

[integrated ceiling] industry development ten years, the number of brands in the growth, the gap between brands is slowly widening, the boundaries between large enterprises and small enterprises gradually clear. Now is the period of industry upgrading, many small and medium-sized enterprise survival integrated ceiling is a problem, on the one hand to hide your strength level of enterprise competition, on the other hand, the prevention of large enterprises extrusion.
Big business is an aircraft carrier, stable operation, strong anti risk ability, this is the advantage of large enterprises, but it is also a big business disadvantage is too big to fail: the market reaction speed is slow, the decision-making process long, slow decision-making, execution cycle is long, the enforcement is easily reduced step by step. Small business is equivalent to the dinghy, gene and natural advantages is flexible, small boat u-turn. Small enterprises want to use “ speed impact, scale ” competitive strategy, should have what kind of speed?
First, the speed of reaction to the market
Small businesses do not do a frog in warm water, have extensive and in-depth market reaches the end line, in-depth on the changes of the market and consumers, can immediately perceive the wind sways grass, quick reaction and countermeasures. For many small business owners, to Wahaha executives like, more than 300 days a year, more than 200 days in the terminal walking style, not necessarily to follow, but it is worth learning.
Two, the speed of decision-making
The advantage of a small business is that the boss is the one who counts, the chain of decision making is particularly small, and the decision-making time can be particularly short. After identifying the direction and the strategy is right, you should quickly organize resources, rapid decision-making, when you break.
Three, the speed of execution
This is the lack of all small and medium-sized enterprises, the idea of unity and unity, the implementation of action in place of executive power, with the expansion of the scale of enterprises is inversely proportional to the relationship. Therefore, for small enterprises, the more valuable and advocacy, is the executive power. To understand; to perform; not to understand; to perform; to understand in execution!
Four, correction speed
Small business is indeed a small boat U-turn, but can not guarantee that every U-turn, the direction is correct. That’s OK. Just adjust it during the exercise and correct it during the exercise. Of course, every wrong turn, consumes the resource of the enterprise, must have the opportunity cost, so small businesses although U-turn, relatively speaking, is to move slow, and speed is not the real speed brute courage, strategizing speed is the real speed.

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