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With the increase of the status now siphon drainage system in the drainage industry, siphon drainage more applied to various buildings, so that it is inevitable to use drainage drainage pipeline, but we cannot casually to take a back pipe market, should be chosen according to the requirements of water siphon pipe. Then, we will introduce the siphon drainage installation notes and siphon drainage system features.

Siphon drainage installation notes

1, fused together drainage pipe connecting end of the incision should be flat, end with a drainage pipe axis vertical drainage pipe and pipe connection on the surface of the dirt should be tidy.

2, welding connection pipe connecting end open flat connection end and a drainage pipe axis vertical drainage pipe and pipe connection on the surface of the dirt should be tidy.

3, the end of the drain pipe should be in accordance with the length of the thrust symbols, the entire outer circumference of the drainage pipe to scrape the skin, scraping length should not be smaller than the symbol specification, scraping after completion should be marked two times.

4., the arrival time of the natural cooling time, should not remove the fixture, should not apply any external force to the joint.

5. The welding parameters of the fused pipe fittings shall be in line with the requirements of the pipe and pipe fittings manufacturers.

6. The welding joint shall be inspected and shall conform to the following requirements, otherwise rework shall be carried out until the inspection qualification is suspended.

Characteristics of siphon drainage system

1, economic savings

The cost of the entire drainage system has been reduced by 20% to 30%. Low ground operating costs, Xushui casting roof siphon drainage system requires fewer buried pipes, reducing the workload of the ground.

2, save space

The rain bucket is only connected with the single suspension horizontal pipe, the suspension horizontal pipe does not need to set the slope square, so it is easy to place and saves space.

3, Yi Weihu

Xushui roof siphon drainage system, the high-speed flow of rainwater in the pipeline can play a self-cleaning role, greatly saving the late maintenance work.

4, sustainable development

Xushui cast roof siphon drainage systems are easy to incorporate rainwater into rainwater collection systems, with irrigation, fire, and other non potable water systems.

5, save time and labor

Due to the unique and rigorous design of Xushui casting, the amount of pipe used in the whole system is greatly reduced. Therefore, the installation time is reduced, the progress of the project is speeded up, and the workload of the ground is reduced.

6, the design

The amount of the pipe is reduced, and the position of the standpipe is controllable and changeable, so the siphon drainage system of the whole roof can be more flexibly designed, and the requirement of the users can be satisfied to a great extent.

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