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With the improvement of the quality of life, many people will be installed in the bathroom shower room decoration, but the shower room can be divided into dry and wet areas separated, the shower space partition open, away from the other bathroom sanitary items, bathroom space layout more reasonable, but also provides a comfortable environment for people in the shower. The following is a brief introduction to the shower room height and the method of fixing the shower room frame.

Shower room height

1、高度:一般吊顶高度2.5m,所以Shower room height可以为200cm―210cm,还可以根据家人的身高,实际情况来制定,但是要注意要和淋浴器的位置相当,太低容易向外溅水,太高有碍美观、影响透气性。

Width: 2, to ensure the use of what the body can use rotation, will not hit the glass, usually 100× 110 best, if a person is fat, can also be made of 110cm× 120cm, if the bathroom space is limited, can be made of 90cm&times 90cm; also, but preferably not less than 90cm.

Frame fixing method for shower room

1, determine the drilling location: use tape + pen

The shower room must be firmly fixed, preferably with screws, the wall Aluminum Alloy frame to set aside holes, which can be wall corresponding position marked, mainly to the border wall to put the tape, ensure the correct position, and then use a pencil to mark on the wall.

2, drilling: use impact drilling

The first step: after the location is fixed, you can drill, use a circular impact drill to mark the location of the wall, play a shallow hole.

The second step: after hitting the hole, we must use a bit with more impact. Make a deeper hole on the foundation that has been well laid.

3, installation: the use of rubber hammer

Can enter the screw nails in the wall, need to install the expansion particles in colloidal particles inside the hole, the fastening screws can better nail hammer in drilling hole will use rubber.

4, fixed frame: use electric screwdriver

After the above steps have been completed, look at the shower room frame installation, put the bottom frame on the water bar, and then fixed the border. Screw the screws into the wall with an electric screwdriver and secure the frame.

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