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The shower strips mainly play a protective glass, glass to avoid collision appears to explode, but now the main material on the market are PVC and EVA; two kinds of properties are different, the effects are also different. The quality of the tape mainly lies in the quality of raw material and the process control during processing. Then, the small series for everyone to introduce the shower room, glue bar identification and shower room selection skills.

Shower room glue bar identification

First, smell it, smell it with your nose, and the normal PVC will not have a pungent odor.

Second, sun drying, you can put the bar at the high temperature exposure, see if the surface of the glue strip stain discoloration, whether the surface of the white bar oil seepage yellow.

Third, take a look, you can look at the quality of plastic strip, relatively easy to glue strip surface will not be very bright, it is best not to buy those not shiny appearance of the glue strip.

Fourth, look at the proportion of many black traders, in the use of the filler on fraud, such as using talcum powder, TSP has something to do with filler, it can increase the proportion of seal products.

Shower room buying skills

1, shower room shape should be beautiful

Shower room shower room material is important, but other can not be ignored, the overall appearance of a shower room, everyone is a visual animal, especially the shower room frequently used in daily life, shower room overall appearance good can let the human brain to release a large number of people to improve the polyphenol amine, aesthetic enjoyment, and to relax.

2, shower door to be comfortable

Shower door track is prone to stains, easy cleaning, so people will choose the door, suitable for large area of the toilet, switch easy, but hard to use, and should not be easy to bump the goods next. We can choose different ways of opening according to the situation in the bathroom.

3, sliding doors should be smooth

Sliding doors and pulleys should pay special attention to, poor pulley pulling difficulties, pull the glass when the force is uneven, it is easy to explode. All imported stainless steel bearing pulley and copper bearing, bearing capacity is strong, long service life; round handle is made of nylon material, sliding smoothly ultra quiet; original design of plastic alloy double pulley, through the quality system certification.

4, flat door, durable hardware

Choose the shower room not metal surface is uneven, after a period of time, easy to wear, faded or even rusting, Furui smart shower room hardware selection of stainless steel and copper plating, high hardness, strong bearing capacity, through the test of accelerated acetic acid salt spray up to 9 high standard, with the precision and fitting between the high corrosion resistance, strong. Quality has always been steadfast to you long to enjoy peace of mind.

5, shower room profiles should be strong

Section thickness of shower room is only 0.7mm-1.1mm, the use of recycled Aluminum Alloy recovery, hardness fluctuation, brittle surface, trachoma, pinhole, lines, color slants dark, sometimes looks very thick wall but the compression and impact resistance is poor, easy to rust in the wet bathroom Li Rong, also easy to lead the shower room blew.

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