Shenyang machine i5 intelligent machine tools in 2016 sales of 18,000 units

In the domestic machine tool industry market as a whole sluggish, Shenyang Machine Tool i5 intelligent machine is bucking the market trend, 2016 harvest orders 1.8 million units, an increase of 183%.
Right now, with the “machine substitutions” wave of continuous influx, i5 intelligent machine is becoming a small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade the new tool.

Handan in Hebei, a valve industry leader in the production workshop, i5 intelligent machine performance of the enterprise won the strong praise.
Enterprise boss Gao Hongwei said that the original unit of time to use the traditional machine tool can produce 200 sets of valve cover products, replaced by i5 intelligent machine tools, the unit time production of 800 pieces.
“Intelligent machine tools to improve the overall efficiency of enterprises to improve the overall 60%!” Enterprise boss again and again emotion, “enterprises to seize the opportunity for intelligent manufacturing development.”

and this business as well as the impact of i5 smart machine dividends are also a Henan Xuchang
Domestic automobile drive shaft industry trump card enterprises.
As the country’s largest heavy commercial vehicle drive shaft production base, since last year, companies are also facing the transition period of pains, how to complete the shortest time in the order to become the biggest boss of the business troubled.
Opportunity coincides with the arrival of i5 intelligent machine tools not only to reduce the cost of labor, but also reduce the troubled enterprises for many years due to man-made causes of instability in production capacity.
“The original need to take care of the production line of eight individuals, now only need a person to complete, production and assurance.” They calculated an account, in accordance with the enterprise to raise a staff annual cost of 60,000 yuan to calculate, i5 intelligent manufacturing line
Line can help enterprises to save more than 80% of human costs.
In addition to helping enterprises to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency, i5 intelligent machine tool processing accuracy and stability of Tangshan also a company’s product orders to improve the quality of a large part of the order.
A traditional production of automobile clutch shell, transmission shell and other products of the traditional manufacturing enterprises, previously mainly for domestic light vehicles, pickup trucks to do car clutch shell, transmission parts and components supporting the formation of the i5 intelligent machine automation production line,
Enterprises received the domestic, including SAIC-GM-Wuling Po Chun, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi, Geely Dili and Tianjin Toyota, Zhengzhou Nissan and other manufacturers of the latest and most advanced models of clutch parts parts supporting orders.
Today, many small and medium enterprises are faced with the problem of financial difficulties, a large wave of large customer orders gave birth to a lot of small and medium enterprises for processing equipment procurement needs.. ?? ..
How can you easily use a high level of processing equipment without investing heavily?
Shenyang Machine Tool put forward a new business model — machine financial leasing opened up a new way, there are many companies optimistic about this rental model and pay.
Hebei Province, a domestic glass mold industry leader in the industry has signed a cooperation agreement with the Shenyang Machine Tool Equipment, enterprises used by nearly 100 sets of i5 machine tool products is to purchase the rental model…. ?? ..
“Just like buying a house, buy a machine can also pay the first payment, and then pay the equipment on a monthly basis can be very convenient.” Business owners for the machine rental business is very beneficial.
Hebei, another auto parts supporting enterprises in the procurement of i5 equipment due to their limited liquidity, and Shenyang Machine Tool signed a lease contract, in the purchase of 30% of the first payment of equipment, the remaining funds to “monthly” form of payment
, This way, enterprises to reduce the pressure on loans, saving more money into the product development and so on.

Shenyang Machine Tool Industrial Service Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Ma Shaoyan told reporters that at present, Shenyang Machine Tool i5 machine in the new order of 70% of customers favor the use of rental mode, the user choose to lease machine after the time can pay, pay by value
Or pay by the number of workpieces.
“Lease model greatly reduces the user’s enterprise procurement equipment, one-time investment, but also to the user’s business to maximize the expansion of production capacity to leave enough capital space.”

new business model breakthrough Shenyang machine, based on independent technology pioneered “i5 new
Eco “intelligent manufacturing industry service model is also gaining widespread attention in the industry.
Earlier this year, Hebei Province, Quzhou County, Hongli Bearing and Shenyang Machine Tool signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the future will be established in Quzhou County, “i5 intelligent manufacturing demonstration park”, and is committed to the local bearing industry for China to create a “Made in China 2025 demonstration base

At present, Shenyang Machine Tool has been in Shenzhen, Hebei, Henan and other places and customers to build 15 intelligent factories, from the machine equipment to the production line design, such as the whole process of service.
Shenyang Machine Tool Unisi Industrial Services Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Li Xiaolei told reporters that as the current multi-government governments are looking to create “China made 2025” model base of the model project, Shenyang Machine Tool proposed intelligent factory program by the political, business
As of November last year, China, including auto parts, bearings, valves, electronics and other industries hundreds of enterprises are interested in Shenyang, intelligent machine factory model, and now Shenyang machine tools and local governments and business users have signed 25 intelligent
Factory construction agreement, there are dozens of negotiations are in full swing to promote.
With the i5 core technology, intelligent machine tool products, intelligent factories, cloud platform manufacturing and financial development of financial leasing new business model, the organic integration of these elements, the formation of the Shenyang Machine Tool put forward the true sense of the “i5 strategy.”.. ?? ..
From the creation of productive forces to the deployment of production factors, from changing the mode of production to subvert the traditional business model, through the i5 intelligent machine tool manufacturing enterprises in China’s outstanding performance, “i5 strategy” is to China “future wisdom” to bring new content
Become the representative of China’s new economy.
German Electrical Committee Chairman RomandBent that the practice of Shenyang Machine Tool is “Industrial 4.0” in China a realistic sample.
(Yang Xinwei)

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