Set off a craze in the floor. How about PVC static floor? 0

Flooring in recent years by the people’s favor, and gradually replaced the tiles, occupy our home floor decoration. PVC electrostatic floor, I wonder if you have heard of it? As a new ground decoration materials are not well known, today we come to know about the PVC electrostatic Flooring related content.

What is the PVC electrostatic floor?

It mainly consists of PVC resin mixed with some conductive material, and then mixed filler, plasticizer, stabilizer and finally polymerized into anti-static floor. Generally divided into straight shop and activity two.

PVC how about the static floor?

1. Good touch, soft and comfortable.

2 、 soft and easy to construct.

3, the use of safety, can effectively fire.

4, better wear resistance, chemical reaction, scratch resistance.

5, unified specifications, a variety of colors for combination design, beautiful and generous.

6, the surface resistance 104106 ohm, conductive substance evenly distributed inside the product, thus ensuring permanent anti-static function.

PVC electrostatic floor applications

Applicable to such places as computer rooms, communication rooms, offices, hospitals, non bacteria rooms, electronic factories, etc..

PVC electrostatic floor maintenance

1, when placing articles on the floor, should avoid heavy objects on the floor mop, its contact surface should not be too small, if necessary, can use wood block lining.

2, on the floor walking type operation, you can not wear shoes with metal nails, but also can not use sharp objects, hard objects on the floor surface cleaning and percussion.

3, often with dry wet mop mopping the floor, the more dirty place can be cleaned with alcohol and other solvents.

About PVC static floor, I introduced this, and I hope to help you, more decoration information, in the family network, please look forward to.


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