Senior lighting designers students will be enlarged meeting

The afternoon of January 9, 2014, the national senior lighting designers Alumni Association (hereinafter referred to as the students will expand) Standing Committee meeting held in Beijing Executive Hotel, member of the Standing Committee and the students will be invited on behalf of more than 30 people attended the meeting.

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The conference by the student association and the Secretary General Li Tienan presided over by Zhou Hongwei. The meeting will first review the students will do set up since the first half of the work and stressed that this meeting is an important meeting, has a profound impact on the future development of students.

In order to enrich the students will organize forces to ensure students will work smoothly, the first meeting of the Standing Committee voted to vice president, who intends to supplement. The statistics of the vote, decided to add Xu Dongliang and Du Jun as vice president, Xu Dongliang, Shen Ru, He Bin, Diao Xu, Wang Qin, Bai Wei, Wang Gang, He Xinghai, Wang Zishuo, Xu Wenkan as a member of the standing committee.

The meeting also focused on the students will set up departments and the division of work. In a pragmatic and efficient principle, the staff will fully listen to the views, the meeting decided students will be under the membership department, liaison department, propaganda department and Training Department of the four departments, respectively by Ding Yungao, Dai Baolin, Gu Jingtao, Jiang Xiaofang led the organization. Meeting the requirements of the relevant responsible person immediately proceed to set up various departments, and carry out the work as soon as possible.

In addition, the meeting decided: as the official publication of the homecoming, “people” magazine by the national lighting lighting designer senior Alumni Association and the Nanjing Institute of Lighting Co sponsored by the student association website construction and network promotion and publicity work undertaken by the Chinese lighting network, and actively cooperate with the relevant departments.

The meeting studied and arrangements for the new year is about to carry out activities. In 2014, students will organize two major academic activities, and according to the need to organize many forums, salons and other rich and colorful activities. The meeting agreed that the homecoming activities to highlight the characteristics, do a high level, students will fully demonstrate the style.

The meeting also on other issues will affect the students future development were carefully discussed and reached a consensus: the senior students will be in Chinese lighting designer lighting society under the guidance of independent work in support of all the students, enhance internal cohesion, enhance social influence, contribute to the scientific development of Chinese lighting.

Half day meeting, and fruitful, the meeting voted through the new vice president, members of the motion, students will work related departments set bill, Bill four students will be Associated Media bill and the 2014 annual motion, and on other important issues were discussed, the meeting a complete success.

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