Selection of kitchen decoration is the key, kitchen floor selection skills are absolutely! Zero

As you all know, the kitchen is a major place for home cooking. Therefore, in the decoration of the kitchen, all aspects should be taken into account, especially the kitchen floor, in addition to aesthetic features, but also take into account the floor moisture, fire protection, pollution prevention and so on. Below we will introduce: kitchen floor selection skills and maintenance knowledge.

Kitchen floor buying skills:

1, moisture resistance

The kitchen is a very wet place, and water vapor is one of the invisible killers of the wooden floor. Dampproof floor, once there is moisture into, it will cause Alice, swelling, corrosion and other phenomena, damage to the wooden floor life. Therefore, when choosing the kitchen wood floor, we must choose the floor with good moisture resistance. In the pavement, it is necessary to choose a special moistureproof floor mat to improve the dampproof property of the kitchen floor.

2, fire resistance

It’s important to keep wooden floors in the kitchen to prevent fire. Choose kitchen wood flooring, fire floors should be selected, and the amount of additional fire retardant paint. It is recommended to add 5-6 times fireproof paint when installing wooden floor. When buying the floor, you can also use the lighter burning and other means to test the fire performance of the floor.

3, abrasion resistance

The kitchen will be frequently stampede, sometimes suffer knock and scratches, so the wear resistance of the high requirements of the floor. Strengthen the composite floor with high wear resistance, general abrasion resistance index of 4000 rpm can meet the demand. Solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring wear slightly worse, if selected, you need more careful maintenance.

4, pollution resistance

The special nature of the kitchen space makes the kitchen floor easy to “ dirty ”. Add oil, leaves and other difficult to clean the garbage, the antifouling performance of the floor is especially important. When buying kitchen floor, you can use conventional testing methods (such as using oil pens, writing, etc.) to detect.

Kitchen floor maintenance:

1, moistureproof work should be done well

Humidity is one of the biggest killers on the floor. Moisture causes &ldquo on wooden floors; a devastating ” a blow. Do a good job in the kitchen floor moisture, first of all, paving, and reasonable selection of materials and pavement can be accomplished with half the effort. Secondly, we should pay attention to the cleanliness and ventilation of the kitchen floor at ordinary times, such as careless watering, timely cleaning.

2, stains need to be cleared in time

In the kitchen, accidentally spilled oil and vinegar, if not clean, will give the wood floor damage at different levels. Over time, it is easier to produce scar on the floor, affecting the appearance of the ground. If the oil stains on wood floors are difficult to clean, wipe with a mild, dilute bleach solution.

3. Proper cleaning and maintenance

In the daily maintenance of floor, pay attention to controlling water consumption. It is not suitable to mop the floor with water or wet mop, so as to avoid excessive humidity on the floor. The painted floor should be opened at once to allow air to flow and dry the floor. Wooden floor every half a month or a month to waxing, and also regularly on the floor essential oil maintenance.

4, put an end to the heat and open flames

Hot pot, kettle etc. should not be placed directly on the wooden floor, it is likely to cause burns. Not to use the naked flame directly on the wooden floor will not only cause damage to the wooden floor, but also cause fire. If the ground is burned, slight discoloration can drip two drops of edible oil, gently wipe can be restored.

Editor summary: kitchen floor selection techniques and maintenance knowledge introduced here, hoping to help you, more information, please pay attention to qijia.

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