Requirements for the use of prefabricated modular data centers

HUAWEI products have been praised, especially HUAWEI’s mobile phone, occupies a certain position in the mobile phone market, HUAWEI is also strong, in the HUAWEI mobile phone market sales continue to increase, so HUAWEI is also in the expansion of other electronic products, the Cluster Container Data Center is a very good data processing products, electronic products can quickly solve the problem, but also can achieve low temperature and high temperature working environment, plays a central role in the electronic products, so that a product for the environment is demanding, the requirement is to protect the products.

The 25 year period of use, and when in use it has a waterproof dustproof effect, so the environmental temperature used above, it is also a requirement, the minimum is 40 degrees below zero, the maximum is 52 degrees Celsius, use at this temperature below can well protect the a the product, also can greatly increase in the use of life.

For prefabricated modular data center is an electronic product, then it will definitely destroy this product in the water, the product moisture 10%~100%, edible humidity is the best normal life, not suitable for use under low humidity, because the water out will focus on this instrument. It will damage the instrument.

This product is also required for the use of the altitude for a high elevation, it is mainly considering the pressure above do not, in the processing of the data or problems in the execution of commands, so the poster is generally not recommended more than 3000 meters, this is the lowest limit, such as the use of the product can be a smooth road.

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