Refurbished battery old flicker industry to remind the anti-cat tired

In recent years, with the electric bicycle performance and continued capacity greatly improved, electric bicycles for the public travel has brought great convenience, which led to a large number of electric car consumption, but also brought the electric car consumer disputes
Regardless of the increase.
Recently Quzhou City Industrial and Commercial Bureau Qujiang Branch on the reception of consumers Humou three complaints, three times for the electric car battery life complaints, found that the replacement for the operation of the battery is refurbished, a serious shortage of endurance.

refurbished battery of low cost, sales of refurbished battery can bring profits, so there are always illegal vendors driven by the interests of ignorant conscience harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
Therefore, the business sector to remind consumers to buy the battery, do not greedy small, due to small loss, specifically to note the following:

First comprehensive evaluation.
Battery quality is good or bad light to see the price level is not enough, to consider the appearance, quality, brand and other factors, and try to buy a well-known brand of regular products.

Second, the battery weight.
In the purchase of the battery, the consumer can weigh the weight of the way to identify the battery is good or bad, the general manufacturers of the production of the battery, because the use of raw materials lead ingot is better, the weight is heavier.

three is a small start.
In addition to the above two methods, consumers need to pay attention to some of the details.
If you can view the code to identify the old and new batteries, because the general renovation of the battery code messy, do not see the production date.
Whether it is also posted 3C certification mark is one of the ways to identify the battery is good or bad.
Finally, consumers buy enough to buy batteries or pay attention to ask for and properly custody of invoices, brochures, three bags of cards and other important evidence, in the event of quality disputes, it can be accordingly to the business sector complaints.

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