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What refers to the solid wooden door? Refers to the wooden door that is the popular name, formal name is refers to the original wood (a wood) or finger timber (a variety of wood, and different) at the time of the purchase, so the customer must ask, refers to the original wood or finger timber. The solid wood door in the market refers to the solid wood door, and the finger jointed wooden door is made up of the finger joint plate group. For friends who are in need of this aspect, do you really want to know the price of the solid wood door? Below I introduce for you to refer to the solid wood door related knowledge, hoped can help everybody further understand, refers to the solid wood door price.

What refers to the solid wooden door?

Refers to the solid wood door is actually a popular name, professional name is to do integrated material or integrated finger joints.

Characteristics of the integrated material

(1) the integrated material is made from the short material of the solid wood to the required size, size and shape, so as to make the wood smaller and more useful, and the inferior wood is superior to the other.

(2), the integrated material material removed before gluing of knots, decayed wood defects, which can make the material less defect. The wood defects can be dispersed even if there are still wood defects.

(3) the integrated material retains the material sense of natural wood and has beautiful appearance.

(4) the raw material of the integrated wood is dried sufficiently, and the moisture content of each part of the wood is homogeneous even in the large section and long size material, and the cracking and deformation are small compared with the solid wood.

(5) and even better than solid wood in the physical and mechanical properties such as tensile and compressive and material quality, and according to the strength of laminate configuration, improve the strength performance test showed that 1.5 times the strength of solid wood.

(6), according to the need, the integrated material can be made into a straight shape, curved shape. According to the requirements of the corresponding strength, it can be made into a gradual change structure along the length direction, and can also be made into I-shaped, hollow and square shaped equal section laminated products.

(7) an integral material made of curved shapes is an ideal material for wood structural members.

(8) before gluing, the plates can be treated with drugs in advance, even if they are long and big, the inside of the board can also be provided with enough medicament, so that the material has good corrosion resistance, fire resistance and insect resistance.

(9) because of the different uses, it is required that the composites have sufficient bonding properties and durability. Therefore, the integrated material processing needs good technology, good equipment and good quality control and product inspection.

(10) compared with the solid wood, the yield of the integrated material is low, and the cost of the product is high.

Finger jointed (integrated material) solid wood door features

Integrated material wooden door in the machining process can be realized through the choice of materials, sheet without decay, in a certain range of knots, insects, fracturing and other natural defects. Integrated wood doors are mainly pine, fir, cherry, walnut and other precious materials for materials processing. Compared with the pure solid wood door, solid wood door of integrated material with good quality, not easy to deformation, the characteristics of low cost; at the same time with the precious wood for decorative materials, its delicate texture and soft colors and meet the needs of people and the visual function.

Refers to the solid wood door price

Just remember the door refers to the oak door reference price: RMB 1350 \/ set

Three finger and teak wood door reference price: RMB 1380 \/ set

Rubber wood finger board SENRUN original wood BCGM-007 reference price: RMB 12567 yuan \/ set

Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, of course, the price will vary. For more details about the price, please quote the local distributor as the standard!

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