Rapid expansion is not a long road, flooring enterprises need to step by step

Flooring industry in China has gone through nearly thirty years of development, and now, after the white hot development stage, its development trend is gradually easing. In recent years, the industry has been affected by the large economic environment, and the market performance has been relatively low. On the basis of the current market situation, many flooring enterprises choose to think calmly and explore ways to break through the difficulties. Similarly, some enterprises are unable to bear or endure and go to &ldquo, and expand &rdquo. But whether individuals or enterprises, the real growth and expansion, we must avoid impetuous, and only the hearts of enterprises in order to long-term foothold in the market.
Rapid expansion is not conducive to the long-term development of flooring enterprises
Throughout the domestic flooring enterprises, some of the flooring enterprises in pursuit of more market share, in the actual economic environment tightening, blind expansion of production scale. Because the flooring market can be said to be low threshold industry, the current floor of the emerging enterprises on the market more, they are based on the traditional model, the use of new marketing methods, quickly break the market, seize market share. But after all, these enterprises are limited in size and limited in production capacity. If rapid expansion will only result in &ldquo, the output will go up and the quality will be reduced by &rdquo.
In this regard, insiders warned that the new floor enterprise must also be able to show a little calm, calm and stable gas. For the blind expansion of the flooring business, not only the product is not greatly discounted, follow-up services may not keep up. Because when the floor enterprises to expand too fast, the team management will not keep up with the pace of development, resulting in major departments docking problems, such easy to lead to subsequent service flaws, or low quality and so on.
Under the counter, the floor enterprise development needs to be gradual
In addition, excessive dumping of products will also cause rapid growth in service costs, making the floor enterprises in the financial support and service personnel reserves will be inadequate. Therefore, the flooring enterprises in the development of the occasion, should be formulated to match the service strategy. Flooring enterprises in order to expand the development of choice, this is human nature, but also the only way for enterprise development.
However, the flooring enterprises can not blindly expand, seize the opportunity, but also a relaxation process, from point to surface to explore the layout. In selecting the pilot areas, we should select the areas with relatively high overall economic level, potential consumer markets and relatively sound logistics. If it is indeed based on the strong demand for brand competitiveness, appropriate and rational expansion of production, can be regarded as a mature expansion of the benign development of the enterprise floor initiatives. So cautious and so as to enable enterprises to remain invincible.

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