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As everyone knows, with the changing times, in modern home decoration, the floor is becoming more and more popular. And the home floor is China’s well-known wooden products manufacturing enterprises, but also China’s well-known antique flooring brand, the following we will introduce: how to live home floor, as well as home floor selection criteria.

How about the floor?:

At present, living enterprises in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Sichuan and other provinces, cities and municipalities directly under the jurisdiction of the establishment of a number of production, research and development base. There are more than two thousand employees now. In terms of raw materials, the household has the advantages of long-term application of forest resources and the perfect way of resource utilization, ensuring the maximum use of resources.

Home floor price:

To have such a perfect material and artistic style of the floor, we certainly of living home floor price is very curious, large floor life is the cheapest: Fenghua series, price 400&mdash 450 yuan per square meter. The most expensive floor: oak series, the price is 750— 800 yuan per square meter. Small floor price is cheaper for 70— 150 yuan per square meter. The high price of the floor is 150— 200 yuan per square meter.

Home floor selection criteria:

1, brand advantage

Won the national exemption product certificate, China 500 most valuable brands, science and technology progress award, market influence China wood flooring industry ten big brands such as honor, is the flooring industry pillar enterprises, for three consecutive years of similar products in the market share of top.

2, product advantages

Green environmental protection, formaldehyde content is much lower than the national standard E0; applicable geothermal; no deformation, no cracking, ultra wear-resistant, service life of more than 18 years.

3, technical advantages

Has a number of solid wood composite floor core technology; national antique flooring patent; create a testing laboratory industry leading structure; the use of the world’s top quality paint products and technology; pre stress technology, ensure stable and durable products.

4, selection advantages

Rare wood dough based on forests in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, America and other places, the substrate with over 50 years of high imports of rare wood processing, more of the materials were inspected and sorted by 12 processes and 28 processes, meticulous and.

5, capacity advantages

In 2008, we designed 8 million square strong production capacity, stable shipments, new products, global synchronization listing, to meet the increasing market demand.

6, service advantages

Customer oriented service management system, rapid response time to customer demand, to achieve customer satisfaction as the concept of pre-sales, customer service comprehensive service system, has won the trust of customers. Tasting home &middot: Baroque floor, please come to see the food market, 3 District, 35 experience museum.

Editor’s summary: living home floor, and how to choose the home floor standards introduced here, hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to qijia.

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