Put down official airs, analysis of the “micro-blog tug of war” in the flooring industry”

[] since many new social media since the line, micro-blog seems to have been the major flooring enterprises “ cold ”, can’t deny, then micro-blog still has a certain significance for the flooring industry, and how to fight this tug of war “ micro-blog ”?
Speaking of micro-blog marketing has been afraid, the hand piece will first come out against it, moreover, may move grassroots large WeChat to cook chicken soup, which help &ldquo good campaign and fun humorist &rdquo Baotuan;; began to play a key role of opinion leaders, as the node information detonated, make enterprise marketing activities more &ldquo &rdquo event;. In other words, the current micro-blog marketing is no longer simply &ldquo, with flour, powder, &rdquo, as the primary goal. Instead, focus on marketing hot spots.
Micro-blog marketing interview since the major companies are “official “ have the form into one, micro-blog “ hot spicy commentary, and even ” “ shoot &rdquo have attracted mutual scold; bursts whirlwind, attracted many onlookers, floor enterprise is no exception, don’t worry about the dispute on the floor the enterprise’s own official micro-blog, on the other hand, this way can cause the flooring industry seems to be more consumer attention, therefore, the floor enterprises need more attention during the operation of micro-blog is concerned.
Presumably other social media, the media attribute of micro-blog is more obvious, but even the official micro-blog &ldquo official &rdquo content; too; will make people feel boring, but still can not be a floor enterprise ignored the social attribute of it. The floor enterprise micro-blog marketing, one of the most common mistakes is to pay attention to the media attribute of micro-blog, just a simple micro-blog as a enterprise information publishing platform, it also belongs to the push, propaganda operation, this is not to use the micro-blog “ community property”.
Marketing by micro-blog floor enterprises can successfully get rid of “ the official shelf ” to see the message content, micro-blog information content close to the enterprise should pay attention to the recent life, the recent focus of attention with more concern, but also need to consider the target group, target consumers, like promotional information, electronic commerce information and so on. Micro-blog is the most popular content is humorous, because more users want to be able to fully relieve the pressure in the system of the time, so the floor enterprise content needs to be interesting would write more popular.
Now more and more enterprises begin to use the floor marketing micro-blog, at different levels to carry out a lot of micro-blog activities, most of these activities in the main floor of micro-blog is to the auxiliary function to other marketing activities, such as a brand new conference and so on, for example, &ldquo, “ holiday promotions; some focus on propaganda the enterprise will be combined with the official website, micro-blog released relevant information, to carry out promotional activities.
As everyone knows, and micro-blog was compared, now micro-blog is indeed slightly “ &ldquo, but in the face of warmth; micro-blog this platform, there are many fans there, if the floor enterprises want to success of micro-blog marketing, it is necessary to put down the floor enterprise official shelves &rdquo & ldquo;.

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