Public marketing brand fit, paint companies win psychological warfare

As we all know, marketing is an important part of enterprise profitability, and only good marketing methods can bring objective profits for enterprises. However, in recent years, the paint industry began to popular public marketing, indeed, in the consumer tired of straightforward hard advertising, ordinary promotion lost patience, public marketing just make up for this vacancy. But, when coating enterprises do public welfare marketing, they also need to follow the brand strategy.
Public marketing is the hearts and minds of the policy
War clouds: “ in war, psychological, it is heart; war, soldiers fight for. ” public brand marketing through the public behavior intervention, to achieve marketing purposes, sometimes called “ not marketing, is a typical &ldquo ” ” psychological; strategy. The essence of public welfare marketing is that enterprises communicate with consumers through public service activities, establish a good corporate image, improve brand reputation, and thus promote sales.
So, how to seize the key points of public marketing, which not only improper “ &rdquo, the famous martyrs; nor do the unsung heroes of “ ”? In short, public marketing need to grasp the following points: the public marketing strategy of enterprises included in the paint, become a long-term strategy of enterprises. Follow the brand concept and carry out the public welfare marketing activities to ensure the unity and continuity of the theme of the enterprise.
Public welfare marketing follows the brand strategy
At the same time, public marketing is as a big project, need to integrate their own resources through the paint companies, attractive and creative activities, making it a topic of public concern, issues become newsworthy events, and thus attract media coverage and consumer participation, the spread of this event.
Practice has shown that often changing the theme of public behavior will make the brand image blurred, resulting in dilution of the brand, and the more public behavior, consumers do not know what the brand represents. Therefore, the public marketing activities of the coating enterprises must follow the brand strategy and adhere to a theme.
Public welfare marketing needs long-term planning
Paint enterprises in the use of this mode in addition to a good theme, this should be the theme of a complete plan, do the preliminary survey, the mid and late warm-up activities implementation and promotion activities, are dedicated to each link, go along with the theme, with the target population, implement the assurance activities., in order to ultimately play theme effect, to boost brand promotion activities.
Saying that: “ marching, forage, and ” long-term strategic planning is the paint companies win marketing war &ldquo ” food; do not have enough food, how can we win the battle? No long-term strategic planning and strategizing how to carry out. Coatings enterprises must make overall planning to do public welfare marketing.

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